8 actions that a woman wants to seduce a man, but it turns out just the opposite


One of the most exciting moments of romantic relationships is when you realize that you are falling in love with your man. And even more exciting will be when you finally pick up the courage and say to him: "I love you!". Just like those clumsy, but unrealistically attractive women in romantic comedies.

Although it may be tempting to use some methods of manipulation, which experts call a “guaranteed” way to please a man (and fall in love with him immediately afterwards), there is no reliable way to achieve what you want. Each of us can be himself.

Sad but true: if love with this person is destined for you, it will happen. At the same time, trying to control his emotions, you will most likely get the opposite effect. At the same time, you will feel exhausted and offended, and he will choke and get annoyed.

To make everything very clear, never make these 11 mistakes in your desire to be a more attractive woman for him, forcing him to say: "I love you." Otherwise, sorry, but you are doing everything wrong.

Your preening 24/7/365

If you think that by applying a lot of cosmetics in layers all over your face, including concealer, makeup base, powder, mascara, eye shadow, blush and lip gloss, you will make him want to fall at your feet, then you have to just no chance.

Do all men like girls who glow with natural beauty? Rather, no, not so. After all, many of them will answer what they like. But what they really love is a natural, clean look, which is achieved only with a minimal amount of makeup on the face.

Laugh at everything he says and does

Of course, we all periodically pretend to laugh. Not everyone who types LOL in their text message is really laughing loudly, right? Therefore, it is normal to giggle at every joke your favorite person utters. But if you pretend that you have a torn stomach with laughter while he says something frankly stupid, you practically guarantee yourself in the future a short relationship with this person.

If he doesn’t have an unsurpassed sense of humor or you don’t find some of his jokes funny, just don’t laugh at them! They will not magically become the golden fund of humor and comedy. And your lies with a false laugh will not make him fall in love with you if he is not yet in love.

Build up a housewife when you come to his house

Cleaning up after you spent time together in his house or in his apartment is just good manners. In the end, your mother didn’t raise a slut! But he most likely does not meet with you just because he needs someone to clean his toilet. Or because he tries you for the role of a new cleaner and housewife just because his mom is tired of doing it.

If so, you are meeting a man who can have rather perverted expectations and feelings of ownership when it comes to love and marriage.

If he needs just a person who will keep the house clean, he can hire a housekeeper. If he wants a hot dinner waiting for him on the table every night, no matter what, then he should know exactly in which box he put the menu of ready-made takeaway food last week.

Pretending to be his mother / chef / nanny / maid, you do not make him love you forever. In any case, this may cause him to run in a completely different direction!

Jumping in heels as if you are riding on a swing

For many women, there is nothing more sexy and attractive than a pair of classic 12-inch shoes from Christian Louboutin. However, for many, very many other women, high heels are diabolical torture.

But you know what? You don’t have to wear them at all to make a man love you, especially if they hurt you and make walking from one end of the room to another akin to walking a tightrope. In fact, if he likes to walk all day, visiting museums, then your slow walk and periodic trips will annoy him a lot, not to mention the unbearable pain you will experience!

To be a sports fan ... for his sake

He will not like it if you pretend that you love his team when it’s not, or, even worse, if you pretend that you love sports when you really have no interest in him (and even less knowledge about him) at all.

Pretend you consider him divine in the bedroom

Some like the missionary position. Others openly hate her. If you don’t like her either, and he frankly loves it, your pretense that you like it too will play a bad role in the future.

Undoubtedly, it is very nice when your preferences in the bedroom naturally coincide. But you have to be honest about hating and loving, letting him do the same. If you take the second path, you may even find yourself in a relationship that satisfies each other in all possible ways, rather than built on a series of delusions created in the hope of trapping him with the magic of your female charms.

Agree with him no matter what

No one can be right all the time. Even your young man whom you idolize. If he does something wrong and holds his opinion as an indisputable fact, although you have already read several materials based on evidence that state otherwise, tell him about it.

Offer your home as his personal

Of course, to tell him that he could move in with you when he lost his job (again) seemed like a great idea at the time, but it is worth noting that even this fact in no way guarantees you his eternal love. In fact, he will think of you as a mom and roommate and all in one. Nothing less sexy than that.

You should move in with your loved one only when your relationship is on a firm and equitable basis. To invite him to live with you until he is on his feet is a manifestation of love, but it sounds great only in theory. You do not want him to be obliged to love you for it, when he really is not.