3 things you can't say to a man if you want to be with him

The male brain is not as difficult to understand as it seems. In fact, it is quite simple. The man is not going to demand from you supernatural. He does not attach too much importance to many things. He does not read tips in some magazines.

The only problem with men is that they rarely express their emotions in relationships. They do not want to put themselves in a vulnerable position. And this would have to be done if they had opened. For this reason, his thoughts remain a mystery to you for a long time.

Therefore, you should always be attentive to what you say to a man. Most likely, he will not tell you that you offend him when you say something heartless or rude. He will not tell you that your phrase hurts him. He will keep everything to himself. Over time, the negative will accumulate and, eventually, the cup of patience will overflow, and the relationship will end. And you never need to bring it to such an extreme.

Although all relationships are unique, there are several basic principles that should be followed when it comes to communication. Communication is important always and in any relationship. By their actions there are two types of communication - constructive and destructive. It all depends on what you are going to talk about.

Try to stay away from destructive points in communication, so as not to upset a man. If you continue to raise unacceptable topics in conversations, you will once again step on the rake and risk losing your chosen one completely. Below are a few things you shouldn’t tell him if you want to keep him in your life:

1. Never raise the topic of the former in your conversations.

The general rule is this: if a man does not directly ask you about your romantic past, then do not start a conversation on this topic. Never raise the topic of the former deliberately during conversations. He does not want to hear how beautiful your ex was. He does not want to hear how your ex was great in bed, or what a good person it was. In fact, he doesn't even want to hear how terrible or bad your ex was. Even in a negative way, the topic of the former cannot be raised.

The fact is that a man does not want to hear about your ex at all. If you think about the former out of the blue, then he wonders why your ex is still on your mind? Do not give a reason to think so.

2. Avoid derogatory phrases that affect his ego.

The personality of a man is his whole life. He will always be proud of his individuality and his abilities to take care of himself and the people he loves most. Yes, like all people, he can make mistakes, but he cannot accept failures just as women do. Men have a very fragile ego, it's very easy to touch him. Even the slightest mistake is enough to become defenseless. Therefore, it is important not to touch him when he is in decline.

If you notice that your man is experiencing some kind of recession, try to make him better. Never let go of harsh phrases about this and do not make him feel even worse than he is. A man needs support, not notation. If he sees that you do not support him in the difficult times of his life, he will not want you to be there when times are the best.

3. Never say bad things about his mother.

The mother of a man is his whole life. Before he decides to make you the most important woman in her life, his mother will be the first. He will consider her a queen, and you should always remember this. As soon as you say something bad about his mother, he will not want to have anything to do with you.

A man will always appreciate the woman who raised him and turned him into who he is now. Therefore, when you decide to attack the most important person in his life, think twice. No one will benefit from this, but it is quite possible to launch the premature demise of relations in this way.