The sexiest thing you can tell him based on his zodiac sign


Of course! And who does not want to use such tips? Even if you think that your sex life cannot become more turbulent, you are mistaken. I mean, there are always opportunities to make it better!

With the monotony of everyday life, your intimate life deserves something special, a little more than pizza. Let me help you and your man reach that degree of euphoria in your bed.

If you find one thing that really excites him, like nothing else in the world, you will be destined to spend an incredible night.

Of course, it seems that it can be difficult to understand what this thing is that makes him go crazy, because every person is different. But, it is much easier than you think, thanks to the power of astrology! Now you can understand what to say to him so that your night will be unforgettable: everything is based on his zodiac sign!


If there is something to know about Aries, it is that he likes to be confident. So it's best to tell them how sexy they are. They love promoting their ego, among other things, of course!


Taurus can be quite possessive and claim to be theirs. Best of all, if you tell him that you are completely his today. This will surely make him grab you and carry you to the bedroom!


The twins are known for their indecision. So tell your Gemini that you take control in bed. Let him lean back and enjoy the process. Let him know exactly what you are going to do and how you will do it. He will appreciate sex with you!


Cancer has always struggled with self-awareness. So play his uncertainty. You know your Cancer better than others: does he feel shy? Take this uncertainty and turn it over to a compliment. It will definitely excite him.

a lion

Lions are extremely passionate people. Grab your man and kiss him as if he had never been kissed before. Sometimes actions speak louder than words: you will surely leave him speechless.


Tell your man how incredible he is doing his job. There is nothing that a Virgo man loves more than being rewarded for hard work. So tell him that he is the best, and perhaps he will even raise his self-esteem a step higher!


The scales are gentle and caring: they want to know that you enjoy them in bed. Tell him how he makes you feel. Do not hold back: he wants to hear sincere words.


Whatever you do, do not let your Scorpio have it. Scorpios love being mocked: use it to your advantage. Tell him everything about what you are going to do with him and do not rush to do it!


Let him guess what you are going to do. Tell him that he will see what will happen next: the unknown is your biggest ally. He is naturally curious, and, in the end, curiosity will overpower him, and he will feel that he cannot bear it any longer.


The funny thing is in Capricorns - they claim to be masters of self-control, but in bed all the bets are off. Seduce him to lose the control he so desperately tries to hold. Tell him how much you want him.


Aquarius is not really someone who feels sensitive and emotional in bed, even if he is the one he loves. So, do not go into details, be bold and confident: tell him exactly what you want from him.


Your man is a hopeless romantic. So refer to its sweet and sensitive side. Do everything as in the novel of Nicholas Sparks: be a favorite and do not restrain vanity!