You are unique: how to learn to love yourself and get rid of complexes


You have long been able to achieve your goals and live as you always would like. But you are hampered by numerous complexes and self-doubt - you are simply not sure that you deserve a new, good life. Unfortunately, nothing will change by itself - only in that case you can change something if you realize that you really deserve more.

Where do the complexes come from?

Painful self-doubt can occur for a variety of reasons. It is transmitted from parents - if the mother is afraid of everything herself, she unconsciously inspires the same thing to her child. Or vice versa - when parents are very strict with a kid as a child, he forms a strong belief that he does not deserve anything good.

Another reason - the team in childhood and adolescence. Children and adolescents are very cruel to those who are obviously weaker, and often choose their victim for harassment. Then from the harried children grow people with a sense of their own inferiority.

Social foundations can also lead to self-doubt. Society accepts only those who fit into its framework. A person, at least something distinguished or unwilling to live “like everyone else”, is forced to face misunderstandings from those around him, which affects self-esteem in no way at all.

How to get rid of self-doubt and start living?

Love yourself

You are a unique personality, and you have a set of qualities that are not present in anyone who surrounds you. Nature has generously dressed all of us, and if you are not satisfied with something in your appearance or character, you can always change it by making efforts.

Take care of your appearance

No matter how trite, but it is appearance that is most often the cause of women's insecurity. Someone complains about too big a nose, someone's lips are not plump enough (they may be normal, but far from Angelina Jolie). We do not recommend too drastic changes - they can easily deprive you of individuality, but it’s quite possible to change some nuances. Visit a beautician, pick up high-quality and suitable cosmetics - and you will look much better.

Do sports

Sport is really a magic thing. First, your figure will be much better. Secondly, you will become stronger, your muscles will be stretched - and this will definitely contribute to your personal comfort. And finally, the lessons themselves in the gym help you to gain energy that is useful in life.

Find your style

Many women underestimate the impact that clothing has on our lives. But not only the impression you make on others, but also your own world perception depends on it. Find your style, create images in which you are comfortable, and your self-doubt will begin to take positions.

Do not compare yourself with others.

The best way to achieve something is to compare yourself with your “past self.” This is the only person who should strive to excel. To focus on others is a losing option in advance. Even if you achieve perfection in this way, happier you just will not become.

Do not make yourself too high demands

Goals are great. But be guided by what you are able to accomplish. If you want to become a star of the screen and set yourself a period of 2 months, do not be surprised that you are not close to the dream. People go to this for years, and you have the same long journey. However, it is better to start with small plans, from which something grand is built.

Chat with interesting people

Surrounding you can either motivate you or destroy all your motivation, collected with such difficulty. Let there be people around you who set interesting goals and reach them. Next to them, it will be easier for you to overcome your self-doubt - they were able to achieve something, which means that you can.

Do not look for flaws

Unfortunately, some ladies have such a hobby - to seek out in themselves the nuances to which you can cling. Do not do this - he who seeks will always find.

Do not dwell on failures

We are not superheroes, and we have the right to make mistakes. Do not blame yourself for them - from the failures of your life experience. Only the one who does not play does not lose. And without action you will never achieve anything.


Constant work on yourself is an important condition for progress. With each new knowledge and skill that you have acquired, with each goal you achieve, you are getting closer to the person you want to become.