6 signs of the zodiac that are always looking for excuses

Astrology can clearly identify which of our friends and acquaintances most often resorts to the need to rethink excuses, excuses and excuses in cases where you do not want to go somewhere or do something. After a while, you will notice how predictable this behavior is.

Sometimes it is aimed at preserving personal freedom and personal opinion, and sometimes it just justifies expectations. One way or another, not all zodiac signs tend to keep these promises, preferring to invent insanely ridiculous excuses or even openly lie.


Libra - masters invent themselves excuses. They absolutely do not tolerate confrontations and try to avoid them in any way. In addition, Libra is afraid of many things, so they have got the hang of instantly inventing ideal excuses for themselves, and a developed sense of vigilance helps them to keep such a huge amount of information in mind.


Taurus is an incredibly convincing and charismatic sign of the zodiac, often inventing excuses for everything. Sometimes their insolence simply knows no boundaries, and the ability to justify reaches truly grandiose proportions. It seems that they are able to justify their even the worst act.


When Scorpio begins to make excuses, he, as a rule, does it in a rather coarse manner. If you invite them somewhere, not only will they not appear at the appointed place at the appointed time, but they will also come up with an excuse that will be specifically intended to confuse you.


Capricorns, by nature, always strive to fulfill promises and keep their word, but more often than not they are so over the top that they simply force themselves to invent all sorts of excuses and insuperable circumstances that prevent them from fulfilling the promise. Such situations act for them as an extra reason for stress.


If the Twins analyze the situation, weigh all possible options before their final answer and realize that they are not interested in a particular offer, they will try to find a hundred and one of the possible excuses that would allow them not to participate in this or that event. Twins always appreciate the importance of a proposal and prefer to come up with a good excuse for not showing up where you don't want.


Virgin never knew how to pick elegant excuses, always limited to blatant lies, which somehow hid the true reason. Virgos are not ashamed of their lies, because they are sure that since it is directed for their own sake, it cannot cause harm to those around them.