6 things that make you shamelessly fat

Properly chosen wardrobe is designed to emphasize the dignity of the girl, hiding the slightest flaws. Therefore, it is very important that there are no things in it that will spoil the whole image. We will tell which of them it is worth urgently to get rid of.

Large floral print

A big pattern on a dress or pants often just looks cheap. In addition, your body can visually become wider. And large flowers in the chest and abdomen can add extra pounds to even the thinnest girls. If you still really like large pictures, try to limit yourself with T-shirts and sweaters with them.

Striped Pants

The vertical strip on the pants should be officially banned by the fashion police. Even the most slender legs will become visually wider in such clothes. In addition, often the stripes on the pants are deformed when we stand or sit in natural postures. Because of this, legs may look disproportionate or even curves. Fortunately, the fashion for such pants has already passed, so you can safely get rid of them.

Ruffles, pockets and other large décor

Recently it has become fashionable to wear dresses or elongated sweatshirts with various stripes in the form of pockets or frills. In addition, there are many dresses with an abundance of ruffles, buttons or other decorative items. Such things may look creative, make you stand out from the crowd. But you need to be extremely careful when choosing such a dress. Most often, additional volumetric elements on clothes only add extra folds and centimeters.

Shortened things

Cropped trousers, jeans, T-shirts and jackets: all this is equally bad for your appearance. Even if you have a perfect figure and really want to wear a top, you should not combine it with a short cardigan or jacket. Such risky elements in the image can often make the figure disproportionate and draw attention to problem areas.


A year ago, women of fashion around the world preferred the basque of different types. Designers did it on skirts, dresses and tops. However, soon everyone noticed that on ordinary girls it looks not as sexy as in catalogs. In fact, Basque draws too much attention to the stomach, not always hiding it, and often even increasing it. Even the smallest and seemingly innocent Basque can treacherously create the appearance of having a belly, which the girl doesn't really have. Our advice, give up things with this element, as well as dresses with assemblies in the waist and abdomen.

Big bag

Miniature handbags are not without reason so quickly came into vogue this year. Fashionistas around the world have noticed that heavy and volumetric accessories can even complete slender girls. Big bags allow you to take a lot of things with you, which often weigh a little. Because of this load, the bags swell up even more or become deformed, and the image becomes untidy. Try to carry large bags with only the most minimalist combinations, such as a plain T-shirt and jeans.