How to cut your hair so that there is no end to men: 9 ideas

Spring is on the way, which means it's time to think about how to meet the warming season with a new haircut. If you like the idea to breathe new life into your image, you will not have a lack of inspiration - we have collected for you 9 most trendy haircuts that are worth trying this spring.

Bob with bangs

Haircut bob is still relevant, but if you want to freshen up this style, ask the master to cut off your bangs. Bet on longer models of bangs, which can be worn on the side, and curtain or distribute throughout the forehead.

Long hair with bangs

Do not want to say goodbye to the length? Then just trim the tips, and place a fashionable accent with the help of a bang. Asymmetrical long bangs - a great option if you suddenly want to grow your hair back as soon as possible.

Haircut sheg

Love the effect of careless wavy curls - this is your option. On average length, as well as on short hair, a haircut looks great and visually gives them volume. Look great with this haircut and long bangs.


This fashionable hairstyle which season has already been tamed by many Hollywood celebrities. Want to follow their example? Do not forget to ask the wizard to leave the top strands longer, so that you can add texture and effective waves to the curls with the help of the gel.

Multi-layer haircut for long hair

Or a cascade haircut. Even more amazing, it looks when you lay it on one side.


She was already popular in 2018. This is a great option for those who want to try on the bangs, but is afraid to do too short.

Multilayer Elongated Pixie

Long pixie? Yes, this is not a typo. Just ask the master to leave the upper part of the hair long enough so that they can be laid with multilayer waves. True, be prepared that such a haircut will need to be laid every day.

Perfect haircut

Without asymmetry, without layers! Such an even haircut is especially suitable for perfectly straight hair.

Layered bean

This is one of the hottest haircuts in 2018, which will be relevant in the upcoming season. Best of all, such a haircut looks when you put your hair in large waves using a curling.

Asymmetrical forehead

Haircut forehead to the clavicle - a serious competitor to the bean. Ask the stylist to make the hair a little shorter at the back and longer in the front - this will give the hairstyle a trendy asymmetry. Best of all this haircut looks perfectly straight hair.