You have no luck in love, because you constantly make these 5 mistakes

There are a lot of happy couples in the world, but not less and single people. They would like to find their love, but they can’t do it. These women and men are no worse than everyone else. Simply, there are nuances that prevent them from finding a person and finding personal happiness.


This is not such a minor detail as it seems to many. You can impress others only if you yourself are confident in your own attractiveness, and that communication with you may be of interest. Nobody pays attention to squeezed, insecure and notorious women. They are lost in the crowd, like gray mice. Even a beautiful on the nature appearance does not save - after all, you also need to properly file yourself, emphasize your merits and competently hide flaws. And women who are unsure of themselves often lack the courage to dress nicely and interestingly.

Inability to choose the right men

Very often, the ladies, desperate to find their ideal, rush into the arms of men, with whom you definitely should not be dealing. Hidden home tyrants, “mama's boys”, careerists, lazy, womanizer or doubtful types with alcohol or drug addiction - is it any wonder that nothing good from these novels is working? Even if there is complete calm on a personal front, you should not brighten up your loneliness with a dubious company. Such a novel will not make you happy, but will only ruin your nerves and give you frustration in men.

Inflated claims

The reverse situation occurs at least. Women need a gentleman, a level not lower than the prince. Or at least a modest billionaire who owns a white Mercedes-Benx and a couple of oil rigs. But the ideal man, who is handsome, financially secure and at the same time has a pleasant character, hardly exists in nature. Therefore, if you want to still find a person who will watch the series with you in the evening after work, reduce the level of expectations to acceptable. Oil rig may be one.


Many women do not consider it necessary to care for themselves and emphasize their femininity. We are not talking about those who do not take a shower, do not comb their hair and do not brush their teeth - we believe that there are no such readers among our readers. However, not everyone is ready to properly care for their hair and make a beautiful styling, competent makeup and stylish dress. It is necessary to look exactly interesting, but not defiant. In other words, tight leopard mini-dress and platform treads do not quite fit. And in general, do not underestimate the possibilities of the beauty industry. As the great Koko used to say: "A woman who does not paint herself is too high of an opinion about herself."

Inability to build relationships

The most common cause of this is self-centeredness or the inability to compromise. Self-love is certainly wonderful. But if you love only yourself and demand the same from others, few people will like it. People, giving emotions, also want to receive something in return. In addition, each person has an opinion that he considers important. And if a man constantly has to attack his own wishes for the sake of yours, he will not stay with you for a long time.