Asymmetry, minimalism and 4 more spring trends in haircuts

Very soon we will finally take off our hats and hoods and be able to boast stylish and creative hairstyles. And this means that the time has come to learn about the main beauty trends at the end of spring and the beginning of summer - what will be especially relevant?

First of all, it is worth noting the main trends of this season - naturalness and carelessness. In addition, charming bangs came into fashion again. Here are just another variation.

Asymmetric haircut

ShutterstockThe first trend in haircuts, which is worth noting is the asymmetry. Restraint and brevity remain with the cold, and we prefer unusual, complex haircuts. Individuality is what stylists are betting on this season. It is recommended to choose a haircut in accordance with personal characteristics - its task is to correctly emphasize facial features, focus on the merits and gently hide flaws.

Minimalism in hairstyles

Shutterstock Another trend in haircuts is minimalism. Simplicity and accuracy are always a success, and this summer is no exception. Choose sophisticated haircuts with a smooth edge - bob or elongated bob.

Long bangs

ShutterstockSome time ago they went out of fashion, but this year they returned to it again. Only now it is better to choose not short classic bangs, but their elongated version. It is not only stylish, but also convenient. Indeed, at any time you can remove the bangs with gum. In addition, such long strands make the face slimmer.

Short haircuts

Shutterstock Stylish pixie, garson and other short haircuts - the perfect solution for the upcoming heat. With this hairstyle you will be comfortable, and the image will always be lively and stylish. You can prefer both low-key options and more eccentric. If you are a bold and resolute woman, try long asymmetrical bangs with a short length.

Beach curls

ShutterstockThis hairstyle resembles a mermaid's head of hair that has just emerged from the depths of the sea and has slightly sunk in the sun. Beach curls will look attractive on hair of any length - from short to the longest. Very cool if your hair is a little curly And if not, you can create a creative mess yourself - for example, braid a braid and dry your hair with a hair dryer. Then dissolve and secure the result with a lacquer of medium fixation.

Strapped on the back of the head

Shutterstock Doing such a hairstyle in the cold season is fraught - a hat or hood will make her too careless. It can be done in many different ways - no laying is difficult. Just separate one strand of hair from each side and fasten it to the back of the head. They can be tied into a bun, braid, tie with a tape or a rubber band, stab it with invisible bells, or use a large hair pin.