11 insults with which a man expresses his love


There are different levels of falling in love that a person can experience. Sometimes the love you feel is soft, and this is something that can easily disappear. In other cases, it is a strong attraction that runs butterflies in the stomach.

But there is such a love that turns all of us into fools. When girls are in love, they tend to talk all the time, go crazy or shy. No one knows why a man is stupid when they like you, but they go crazy and make terrible mistakes on dates. These mistakes are so gross, so outrageous that you may think that he hates you or that he is a scumbag.

Unfortunately, most girls do not know how to interpret such actions, and as a result they throw out their fans. Do not confuse these errors on dating: they simply mean that you like a man too much.

1. He pauses

A man who worries about your interest in him can go back to his awkward teenage years and begin to stutter, blush and sweat during a date. Making him say something can be a very big problem.

2. He keeps talking about himself

A novice salesman will often continue to chat about a product and how good it is without asking what this person wants at the other end of the counter. So are men. Those who are really in love with a girl can do it and try to “sell” themselves to them.

The only problem is that it shows it selfish and potentially narcissistic, which is not very good.

3. He behaves like a macho

Have you ever met a man who is trying to “beat” other guys to impress a girl? This often includes insulting others, showing your muscles and discussing how “alpha” he is. Needless to say, this never works.

4. He begins to brag about other women with whom he sleeps.

This is a step that is often taken by men who feel sexually insecure. Unfortunately, this does not work with girls the way they want. Most women who hear this, lose interest, or assume that men make a dash to end a relationship.

5. He "denies" you

Men who are really stupid, really inexperienced, or simply do not know how to talk to women will try to “deny” you.

Denial is a compliment to the contrary or a frank insult that should lower your self-esteem. Honestly, if he tries to do this, it’s best to move on. Do you need such an inept fan?

6. He enters verbal diarrhea mode.

When a man is really nervous, he can start chatting or say something very awkward. He may even start arguing with you. If he does this, try to calm him down and take a deep breath. He really is afraid to upset you.

7. He stops taking no for an answer.

Sometimes the guys start behaving as if life is a romantic film, and they don’t listen to the girl when she says she’s not interested. At the moment, he simply assumes that he can "defeat her." Therein lies the mistake: it is unforgivable. Even if he loves you more than the whole world, “no” still means “no.”

If he does not cease to persuade you to agree to a date, alcohol or sex, immediately and firmly refuse to communicate with him. Don't worry about hurting him.

8. He becomes sexually crazy.

Although this is indeed regrettable, some men think that women are talking about their intimate virtues. They will become as vulgar as possible. Needless to say, most men who think in this way are alone for this very reason.

9. He plays in the "intellectual ass"

Some men think that the best way to make sure that a girl is fond of them is to show that they are smarter than her. Naive girls can fall in love with these guys.

10. He constantly dominates

Many pickup teachers tell men to play a dominant role in attracting women. The problem is that a man will look like a psycho. In addition, he may be crazy. So avoid this.

11. He starts swearing himself

When a man is really not confident in himself, he begins to quarrel with you. It does not attract, and he knows it, but when he is very nervous, it can be almost on autopilot.