Why men do not like being manipulated: 5 female mistakes

The biggest mistake women make in relationships is trying to control their partner. Trying to change him, adjust to ideals that are known only to you, which he doesn’t like at all (if he wanted to be that, he would have become without your help). Or, even worse, try to break it to achieve your own goals. How do women most often manipulate men and how is this bad for relationships?

You compare it with others.

All your girlfriends have fur coats, but you still don't have them. And you boldly accuse him of greed. And your friends probably didn’t compare their loved ones with anyone, that's why they go to sables and arctic foxes. After all, men are absolutely not tolerated when they are told that someone from the stronger sex is better than they are. And it’s especially unpleasant to hear from your woman.

You press on feelings

“If you don’t buy me a car, it means you don’t love me!” - you yourself realize how silly and childish it is. A man is not looking for a child. He is looking for a woman, and such statements will make him squeamish and disgusted. After all, you do not just manipulate them, but also make you doubt your own feelings towards him. You think that if he is not ready for gifts, it means that he does not love you, and assume that you yourself do not like him without gifts.

You emphasize that he is a man

There is hardly such a man in the world who doesn’t keep his teeth from the phrase "you must, because a man." Forget about all these stereotypical debts. You have a relationship of two free and independent people. He owes nothing to anyone and does everything of his own accord. Well, otherwise he will surely remember something that you should.

You make tantrums

Men do not like women's tears and are even afraid - as a rule, because they simply do not know what to do at such moments. And women, well aware, often use this male trait for their own purposes. Not worth it. A man who is constantly in suspense and waiting for your tantrum, feels uncomfortable. And how much he will stretch is unknown. But hardly too long. And then do not say that "everything was fine with us, you will think, sometimes quarreling."

You reproach him with sacrificing something for a relationship

First, sacrificing something for the sake of a relationship with a man is not in itself a good idea. But if you still refused something for the sake of this man, he doesn’t need to constantly remind about it. What do you want to achieve? To make him feel guilty? In this case, the relationship will end very quickly.

Well, if we did not convince you, then before you start blackmailing a man with something of the above, try putting yourself in his place. “You have to cook, because you are a woman,” “I am a man, and you must obey me,” “but your friends look much better than you,” “if it were not for you, I would have gone to the States long ago and became there a millionaire. " Very nice? That's the same thing.