Find your own among all: how compatibility in nature affects relationships

Why do some people in a relationship have everything almost perfect, while others constantly quarrel, despite the fact that they love each other? And sometimes it happens that a couple does not stop conflicts, but everyone is happy with everything. The point is the compatibility of characters, or in its absence. What is character compatibility and does it guarantee a happy relationship?

Compatibility by nature: should it be present in a pair

Should the characters match in a pair? Is it necessary for people to live happily, need compatibility? And what if there is none?

Let's imagine this situation. You are a calm, sensible woman who puts family well-being and harmony in the first place. The man with whom you plan to connect your life, on the contrary, is impulsive, loses his temper for any reason, and he appreciates very little family comfort, preferring to go to parties after work. Will you be comfortable together? Hardly. Such a phenomenon is called incompatibility of characters.

It can be different, from critical to barely noticeable, because finding a person who will be ideally suited to you is not so easy. However, if you cannot bear the negative manifestations of character on the part of a loved one, and even your worldview does not completely coincide, such incompatibility can destroy everything.

Opposites attract

But what if the characters do not match, but in general, are opposite to each other? Is there any chance of a harmonious relationship?

In fact, there are nuances. According to psychologists, opposing people can be happy in such situations:

  • People have different characters, but a similar outlook;
  • Characters do not intersect in the main;
  • People try to avoid discomfort for their partner due to the complexities of character.

In some cases, opposites can be much more harmonious in relationships, because many people are too boring when they have to spend time with people who are exactly the same as themselves.

How to find a person who fits the character

How to find someone who will be compatible with you by nature?

  • Pay attention to his behavior: as a rule, the brightest traits of character always lie on the surface;
  • Learn it: After talking with a person, you can learn a lot about his personality, which will tell you about what you need to know.
  • Listen to yourself: Are you good with this person? In no case do not close your eyes to your feelings, do not reassure yourself that all this happens, and that it is in the order of things. If you feel bad, then most likely it’s just not your man.