3 reasons why you should not be jealous of your man

Many believe that jealousy is one of the manifestations of love. Of course, the fact that your loved one is not indifferent to you, speaks about your feelings for him. However, obsessive jealousy is nothing more than possessive feelings towards a partner. It gives you a lot of inconvenience - you worry, get angry, bring yourself to hysterics and torture him. But in fact there is no point in jealousy. And that's why.

Men value relationships and most often do not want to destroy them.

According to statistics, men are very rarely initiators of the gap. If he already entered into a relationship, it will be in them until the very end. Or at least as long as he is comfortable. In other words, to look for another passion, being in a relationship, he will not - there is no need.

This is due to the strong sex with many experiences. They do not want to deceive their woman (at least, this applies to the majority of men, excluding potential womanizer), and to communicate with other ladies who do not know what is in their mind is a rather risky venture. He can lose too much - the woman he loves, the relationship over which he has worked so much - and for what? For a random affair? Or in order to start it all over again? No, really. He does not need such happiness.

If he wants to leave, you will not stop him

But if your relationship for some reason ceased to arrange it, that is a completely different matter. A man will stay with you only as long as he is really good. If the relationship is straining and he has already begun to look around at the parties in search of more interesting candidates, with whom, as he believes, it will be better, it is useless to be jealous. Your tantrums will not touch him in any way, but will only get on his nerves and speed up the break. But if you do without them and calmly discuss the situation with your loved one, perhaps the relationship can still be reanimated.

Jealousy will anger him and can ruin a relationship

Sometimes everything is good in a pair, until something is found on the woman. Seeing in all the surrounding women a threat to her happiness, she begins to be jealous of a man, harassing him with constant scandals. For representatives of the stronger sex is a big stress - this behavior on the part of the beloved creates discomfort. And it also includes an obstinate ram who really wants to do everything in spite. That is why men often cheat on their jealous partners, so that if they get, then at least for the cause.

And losing a loved one, having gotten him by constant clarification of relationships, is easier than ever. With this kind of behavior, you give your partner the fear of future relationships, and yourself - the confidence that "all men are goats" and "there are no normal ones at all."

Personal freedom is necessary for everyone. Do not deprive your man of the opportunity to make a choice - how to behave, what to do, with whom to stay. Your jealousy can ruin everything and deprive you not only of peace, but also of the relationship itself. Take it under control and do not put your novel at risk.