A life

A woman who was shy about her appearance and became a faceless silicone doll.

I have a friend who, before panic trembling and phobias, is struggling with her own lack of appearance. And, in my opinion, all this has long passed into some kind of pathological form and can eradicate itself only if Dasha turns to a good psychologist. But, this is only my opinion, because Dasha herself is in constant confrontation and severe battle.

It all began a few years ago, when Dashka was very worried about her ears sticking out. To tell the truth, her ears really resembled mugs, and she was instilled a complex about this from school, coming up with various offensive nicknames. Dasha never collected her hair and always carefully and painstakingly picked up her hair and made complex curvaceous hair just to hide her hated ears.

Once she read a newspaper advertisement about the opening of a plastic surgery room. Advertising promised to correct the flaws in appearance and regain confidence. So Dasha made herself the ears of her dreams. As it turned out, nothing terrible and difficult, a small lift, a minimum of torment, and a friend exulted, wore high tails and considered herself an ideal girl without a single flaw.

But as they say, the best is the enemy of the good. Dasha was not limited by her ears alone. Carefully and meticulously looking at herself in the mirror, Dasha came to the conclusion that for an absolute perfect image she lacks plump, seductive lips. It is said - done, a little hyaluron, and Dasha flaunted spanked pouting lips.

After that, Dasha found her nose not sufficiently even, her breasts too small, and her legs were not perfectly even. She constantly went to doctors and consultations, laid down on inconceivable operations, putting herself at risk, painfully and painfully moved away from anesthesia and waited for everything to heal. And as soon as the joy to achieve the desired result passed, Dasha was looking for a new flaw.

You will not believe, but she was even able to make herself taller, stretching almost 7 centimeters! It was a real torture, but for almost a year Dasha went to the stretching of the spine, which is akin to medieval torture, and thus was able to stretch herself in length. Miracles and more! Only the closest and most devoted knew about how much her back after these executions hurt her, because only Dasha had tons of painkillers and analgesics to drink.

Now Dasha is a typical silicone doll - she made a resection of the ribs, a tightening of all that is possible, inserted a snow-white jaw, increased the fifth point, I already told you about the rest. What can I say, a sad sight, I tell you. But Dasha herself is extremely pleased with herself and considers herself to be just a fatal beauty. “Crooked legs are half the trouble. But a long nose - it is already written write, "- she says, and proudly looks up.