10 things that an adult woman will not do even for the sake of great love

Men expect a lot from women and focus mainly on the plot of romantic films. They believe that if they have already paid attention to a woman, then she is ready to do everything to keep this attention. However, in reality, of course, this is not at all the case. An adult and intelligent woman who has reached the age of 30 will not sacrifice her own principles for the sake of a man — she simply does not need it.

She will not cease to communicate with her friends

She did not know the man for very long, and her friends were with her all her adult life. Together they went through a lot - through joy and sorrow. And to throw them for the sake of the beloved she does not intend at all. In addition, every woman needs a society of friends, and she understands this perfectly well.

She will not change her style

She is already an adult girl, and the style that she now has developed over the years. She knows very well what is going on for her, and what things correspond to her character, worldview and inner “I.” Change your style for someone? Never.

She will not give up her hobbies

Whatever the man thinks about her hobby and no matter how much time it takes, passion is what gives her pleasure, helps to relax and distract. A man should stop insisting and find himself a hobby, too, so as not to suffer from boredom (this is the main reason why men are against women's hobbies).

She will not leave her career

If a woman seeks something, and not just works to survive, then a man is better not to stutter that it is necessary to quit for the sake of him and some kind of stereotyped relationship.

She will not give up bad habits

For example, smoking. This, of course, is unpleasant, and it would be nice to quit, but she will in any case make the decision herself.

She will not stop wearing comfortable, but not the most beautiful things.

Men can talk as much as they like about the beauty of women in sheath and stiletto dresses, but few of them are able to wear them all the time. And why? After all, sometimes you want and relax. If she wants to be comfortable, she will not sacrifice comfort for the sake of someone to like.

She will not stop communicating with relatives

Even if they do not like her chosen one. And from the man she also expects this - a person who is able to refuse the help of relatives - a very dubious candidate.

She won't give up her pet.

Even if the man is allergic to him. In the end, this cat came to her life earlier.

She won't cook a man like his mother did.

According to the old village customs, the young wife teaches her mother-in-law to cook anew. But now it's 21st century. And she is quite an independent and independent woman who has her own culinary characteristics and habits, and will prepare her lover as she wants. If at all.

She will remain romantic

Strong and independent women also need romance. She wants to take a walk in the park with a pen with her beloved, get a bouquet of flowers as a gift and hear compliments about how luxurious and unique she is. And it has every right to do so.