4 features of the rare woman that a man can never forget

It is difficult to love her in the sense that she has great demands. She would never agree to one-sided love - a game with only one goal. If a man wants to start a relationship with her, then you have to seriously invest in them. And she will not agree to half of his heart or half attention.

She knows what she deserves

And be sure to voice, if you feel a lack. She will not allow anyone to step over her. If you touch her somehow, she will definitely inform about it. She will neither hold back nor hide her emotions, because her directness is in her blood. She simply does not know how to behave otherwise.

Inside it is a flame, and she is not afraid to let it out.

When she gets angry, she can spend hours talking about what's on her mind. If she is upset, she can cry right in front of her chosen one. She will not pretend that everything is in order when her world collapses. With her partner, she will always be frank, even if he likes to hear a sweet lie more than the bitter truth.

Therefore, if a man wants to get it, then before you start a relationship, you have to work hard. In the end, she will do the same, but she will never do it alone. She will not be the only one of both who tries for the sake of love.

It comes, as it is, not as convenient

Misconduct will not get away with her lover. If he screwed up and tries to insincerely apologize, then she will not forgive. If he shows that he cannot be trusted, then she will not give another chance. And do not put him above himself, because he loves himself.

The thought of loneliness does not scare her

Therefore, it should be considered. If a man hurts her, she will leave without thinking. And it does not matter how much she cares about the man. As soon as he stops treating her well, she will step back. As soon as he pushes her into the background, she will immediately throw him.

Because of such a high level it can be considered that such a woman is difficult to love. But it is also difficult, more precisely, almost impossible to forget. She is one of those who will long remain in the memory after leaving.

When she leaves, the man will miss her look. By the way she looked, as if he was the only one she sees. By the way she always said as she was, even if the lie was easier. By the way no one could forbid her to say everything she thinks.

When such a woman leaves, a man will long try to find a way to return her, because it will be impossible to live without her. And then he will understand that however difficult it may seem to love her while she was with him, it is much more difficult to forget her.