5 clear signs that he is cheating on you

Literally every second woman suspects her lover that if she doesn’t change, then at least she is interested in other ladies. Fortunately, in most cases suspicions are groundless, and all this is nothing more than feminine fantasies. However, sometimes a reason to suspect a man is still there. What signs can tell about your partner's infidelity?

He had many women before the novel

It should be added here - not just a few partners with whom he had a serious relationship, but really a lot of girls, and mostly for one night. In other words, the man was a womanizer. If you managed to lure such a stallion into a serious relationship, it means either that you are really a standing woman he simply could not pass by, or that you would not become an obstacle to his love affairs in the future. In any case, it is very difficult to eradicate such habits, and moreover, a man does not always have a desire to get rid of them.

He began to hide the phone from you

There is nothing suspicious in this if he simply never greeted you looking into his gadgets. This does not necessarily mean that he is cheating on you, it’s just that a person should have a personal space. But if earlier he could easily leave the phone in a prominent place, but frantically he hides it in his pocket and takes it with him even to the shower, this may indicate that this time he has something to hide.

He began to treat you differently

This can manifest itself in different ways: someone, having got a mistress, begins to treat her constant partner lightly, or finds fault with trifles. Perhaps he is just looking for a reason to leave and go to his mistress. Other men, on the contrary, feel remorse and shake their “beloved” with gifts, not stinting on signs of attention.

He began to need money

It seems that his beloved has a good salary, but he still doesn’t have enough money. He leads you somewhere less and less, and sometimes he even tries to borrow money. It is likely that he has a new beloved, on which all the money goes. But it is possible that he is preparing a surprise for you.

You have changed the sexual mode

If you used to have a lot of sex, but recently its number has decreased dramatically. This may indicate that now he simply does not have enough strength for you - all the energy goes to his mistress.

The same thing, if the amount of sex has increased without a definite reason - this already indicates that he suffers from remorse of conscience, and tries to stifle their monotonous, dissatisfied rumbling.