Fashionable horoscope for spring: what color in clothes will fit your zodiac sign


The style of a woman depends on her character and lifestyle. And they, in turn, are often determined by the stars. To make your images bright and memorable this spring, you should know exactly what colors and shades in clothes should be included in your wardrobe.


Aries are bright, eccentric women who never give up. There is so much passion in them that it literally spills out and infects everyone around. Not to notice the representatives of this sign in the crowd is simply impossible. In the spring wardrobe of Aries women, they just need fiery red, because he is the best able to emphasize their rebellious spirit.


Calm, restrained and elegant ladies with excellent taste - Taurus always stand out and amaze others with their charm. They choose sophisticated outfits - every lady of this sign looks like a real lady. The color of spring that is most suitable for them is dark green, as deep and luxurious as their nature.


Cheerful and inconstant ladies-twins often change their style and love the original things with their character. Prints, unusual cut - all this perfectly expresses their position in life. As for the color range, this spring, representatives of this sign should prefer warm shades, such as sunny yellow.


Crayfish women are a bit old-fashioned in terms of fashionable taste, so vintage is their favorite destination. But then they can master it really masterfully, creating incredible ensembles from which it is impossible to look away. According to astrologers, the best color for these women is deep purple.

a lion

Luxurious and shocking, Lionesses are distinguished by their character, appearance and style. They prefer only the most exquisite things - natural fur, expensive jewelry and branded things. This eccentric ladies fits a bright golden hue.


Very smart and practical ladies, Virgos follow this principle and in fashion. They are very fond of things that can be combined in different sets, but it is not averse to dilute the concise way with trends. Their best color is neutral gray, which can easily fit into any image, but it looks very stylish at the same time.


Comfort and harmony - that really matters for Libra. They masterfully combine style and convenience in their sets - this expresses their light, direct character. As representatives of the air element, they prefer pastel shades. Their color is cream.


These ladies love to challenge - themselves and society. This is expressed in their passionate, temperamental character, and in their style. The most incredible combinations, bold prints, bold frank outfits and sophisticated cut - it's all about Scorpions. The best color in the clothes for this sign is black, which looks not dark at them, but elegant.


Sagittarius love adventure and prefer a free lifestyle. Although they like shocking outfits, in life they often prefer calm, comfortable sets, and the dresses hang in the wardrobe. For them a calm blue shade is suitable.


Conservative in life, women Capricorns prefer this style in clothing. Their favorite is a classic style, sometimes diluted with subtle, bright accents. For their outfits, they should choose dark shades of brown - for example, chocolate, which is one of the most trendy colors of the season.


Aquarians dress as well as they live - boldly, experimenting at every turn. Surprisingly, all their experiments look extremely harmonious and stylish. Delicate taste and a little bit of humor in the image - this is their main highlight. The best color for these ladies is a delicate powdery shade.


Mysterious and dreamy Pisces love calm and restrained images, not without some originality, by the way. They dress exclusively in the mood. The best color for them is concise white, with which you can easily make a stylish set.