6 relationships that have no future

We build our own life and relationships with the opposite sex with our own hands - this is obviously known to all. But still there are alliances that, even at the initial stages of their development, inevitably lead to separation. This is not karma and not the will of chance, this is a completely logical conclusion of what was immediately a mistake.

1. Relationship through acquaintance through relatives or friends

In this case, friends or relatives act as matchmakers who introduce the future bride and groom (as they think) to each other and then do everything to make this union live and flourish. First, such relationships are initially built on the interaction of two completely different people, who agreed with each other not because they wanted it themselves, but because they were brought together. And secondly, the couple will constantly be under the gun of "good matchmakers" who will consider it their duty to give advice and talk about how to live correctly.

2. Relationships of despair and loneliness

Very often, such a union is entered by people who are in a depressed state after a divorce or separation, or those who have been alone for a long time. Such relationships are like longing for good and trying to do “right.” Usually in such cases, everything is extremely strained, unnatural and too hysterical. There is a high probability that in a short time this connection will be interrupted by banal boredom and inability to develop.

3. Love at first sight

The same case, when the two saw each other, the heart made a triple flip, the head turned off and now - they already love each other. In fact, in most cases this is not love at all, but a passion that flares brightly, dazzles and also dies away quickly. Often this relationship is limited to sex, and when the interest in each other disappears, it just fades away.

4. "Perfect Relationship"

It looks simple, as in a guide to a happy family life: complete harmony, understanding and love. But, as a rule, all this is only an appearance, a beautiful wrapper and self-deception. The ideal relationship often hides complete indifference to each other and unwillingness to see and solve problems.

5. Relationships in the role of "lover-lover"

Yes, such a relationship can last for years, or even longer, but it will never end in any way. Such relationships are doomed to failure in advance, because lovers always have a real life behind them, one that will always be in the foreground. A betrayal remains for new experiences, emotions and vent from the daily routine.

6. Relationships built on the fear of losing a partner

In this case, usually one loves, and the other allows himself to love. The one who loves in this case is in a painful dependence on his partner, making the meaning of life only that he should not be lost. Such relationships will never be complete and harmonious, because the dependent partner becomes a victim, a dumb shadow and a wounded person. It is impossible to build happiness, feeling within yourself fear, subordination and manipulation.