11 weird things about men that all women need to know


Women like to say that all men are aliens. Yes, they also do not remain in debt, calling us incomprehensible creatures. But, believe me, men want to be heard, they want women to understand their actions, and not to be hysterical.

Here are 11 things about men who, in their opinion, are inaccessible to the ladies' logic. But they really want us to understand these things:

1. Always take the first step.

Many of the men will not mind at all if the first step is taken by the woman.

2. How real men are alone

Men are often socially alone. Almost all women have girlfriends whom they can turn to at any time for emotional support. But no friend has ever embraced men and said: “Everything will be fine.” There is not a single person with whom a man could cry or just be with someone when sadness comes.

No, of course, men can also communicate and complain to each other. They can go for a drink, talk, listen to problems, give some advice to another peasant, but this is not at all like the emotional support that they see in women. They have a gift.

3. Women can attack, but men cannot complain.

Men are completely helpless before crooked looks, jokes, reproaches, and other subtle ways in which women attack them. But with all this, the society makes tolerate and does not complain about it.

4. When the boy falls, he is told: stop whining, quickly get up, dust off and move on

Even in childhood, when a little boy falls, everyone tells him to stop crying, get up and go play. Therefore, no articles on psychology, analysis and health about how and how important emotions can not grind what has been continuously driven into the head for decades.

Most of the education of men is to forge from him the one who does not miss his prize. Painfully? Step over the pain. Lost the game? Let him learn, and then he experiences. Do not like to do something? And this is the formation of character. Men understand that women would like the representatives of the stronger sex to be more emotionally connected with them and responsive. But women need to remember what material they work with.

5. A man must provide a family financially, physically, emotionally, morally

From men constantly waiting for this. They must provide their families physically, financially, emotionally and morally. Men should break their backs at work, where we are obliged to provide all our bosses and clients. Everyone expects from them that men will be their foundation and support, when there really is not enough of them all.

6. Men always say what they mean.

They mean nothing more than they said. There is no hidden meaning or implication in any male sentence. It means exactly what he said and nothing more.

7. Being a man is a big responsibility.

It is not known that women understand how much responsibility they need to be a man. In most cases, though not all, men provide for the family. They were always told that we all our lives should provide for our wives and children. Now add to this all the training, work, the beginning of the relationship and their maintenance, etc.

And it is also very difficult to be an unattractive man with a little money. What remains in the end? Hide emotions and disguise. No, they don’t say they want to cry all the time, they were all taught to be a man.

8. You can live your entire adult life without ever receiving a single compliment.

Most of the men can live their entire adult life, without receiving a single compliment from anyone.

9. No one ever calls

Nobody invites them anywhere. Seriously. The men had many women with whom they flirted. While they themselves did not call, everyone wanted them to invite them, but no. And it makes you feel unnecessary and unwanted.

10. Men do not understand hints. You should always talk straight

Men do not understand the hints, no, even the most obvious to women. They are not trying all the time to look for subtext. Therefore, if men need something, then say the essence. Speak specifically what you want, what you need, what you mean.

And when you hint, it’s actually a conversation in different languages. And any male brain translates hints only as “I have no idea what she just said, asked, mentioned,”.

11. Men can not express any emotions, except happiness or satisfaction

Sadness and poor mental state are completely forbidden for men in our society. Anger is also forbidden, but at least we expect it. Men often hear and see people say that they want more men to open up and not hide their emotions with them. They are right that this would be good, but men here can not help.