How to understand that he wants to be with you forever according to his zodiac sign



Your Aries partner is ready to confess his love to you the minute he feels this feeling, but when he really wants to be with you forever, he will prove it with his actions. He will give you the amount of attention that you have always dreamed of. The further your relationship develops, the more Aries will become attached to you, wanting to spend more and more time in your society.


When your Taurus partner wants to be with you forever, he asks you about the future, wanting to make sure that you want the same things from your relationship as he does. Taurus men are incredibly practical and traditional, so if they understand that your desires and needs are different, he will most likely prefer to break off relations with you, realizing that nothing good will come of them.


When your twin partner wants to be with you forever, he finally realizes that he is ready to settle down. He hates boredom and constantly needs a surge of adrenaline, but as soon as he has serious feelings for someone, and he realizes that he has been searching for this person all his life, the Gemini man literally ignites a desire to share with him all the charm and pleasure of life. .


When Cancer wants to be with you forever, he behaves very traditionally. He asks you at what age you would like to tie the knot, how many and when you would like to have children. For Cancers, there is nothing more important than a family, so he will always turn to his parents for advice. If you want to be sure that he is interested in you, check it with them.

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When your partner Leo wants to be with you forever, he takes the initiative and immediately lets you know. He usually does not attach any serious importance to this, because he is confident in your positive response. Do not be surprised if you hear the coveted phrase at the checkout at the supermarket or walking the dog. Then you will have nothing left but to nod approvingly in response.


When your Virgo partner wants to be with you forever, he is committed to testing your relationship with all of his might. He deliberately tries to sabotage them, feeling in his heart that he is not a couple to you. If, despite all these deliberate difficulties, you still remain close to him, he finally understands that he deserves you.


When your Libra partner wants to be with you forever, he begins to feel much more comfortable being alone. The new soulmate allows him to finally see the difference between loneliness and his feeling. Libra is sure that you can only feel lonely in a relationship when the wrong person is your partner.


When your Scorpio partner wants to be with you forever, he trusts you completely. He does not have the habit of reading your private messages on the phone until you see. He does not bother you with constant sms when you relax in a bar with friends. It does not force you to report in cases where you arrived thirty minutes later than the originally stated time. Scorpio is absolutely confident in you and your relationship. No questions, no suspicions.


When Sagittarius wants to be with you forever, he no longer needs change. He loves to change his environment and hates monotony, but as soon as he finds his soul mate, he wants to grow and develop only with his partner. Sagittarius now wants to pack a suitcase and go on a world tour with you.


When your Capricorn partner wants to be with you forever, he starts talking to you about his feelings and emotions. Capricorns men have difficulties in admitting their feelings to partners. If he allows you to observe the manifestations of his feelings, consider that in this way he shows you his confidence.


When the Aquarius partner wants to be with you forever, he begins to meet you. The compromise is unknown to Aquarius, however they never give up what they consider important. Meeting, at last, his soul mate, Aquarius seeks to make concessions to his partner and concentrate less on his own needs and desires.


When a Pisces man wants to be with you forever, he behaves incredibly romantic. He sleeps you with poems, dedicates songs to you, and at any convenient opportunity he confesses his feelings to you. He creatively expresses his emotions, considering you his most important muse.