Time to resign: 5 taboo things in the wardrobe of women 45+

Our age is not just numbers. Every year we become better, more self-sufficient and wiser. Even when we turn 45, we don’t get tired of learning and improving our skills. Changing and our taste, including clothing. After all, learning to dress is never too late. Therefore, in this article we have prepared for you 5 things-taboos that are not recommended for women 45+.

Massive decorations

Large beads, pendants or earrings are too remarkable and image overloading elements. They are too violently attracting attention to your style and make it heavier. Of course, you can use such accessories, but not in large quantities. It is best to choose stylish and concise decorations that will highlight your lines and make the image more stately.

Custom clothes

Ripped jeans, sweaters, T-shirts with holes - for a mature woman it is not decent to wear such things even after 30, and in 45 all the more. Excessive youthfulness spoils the image of an intelligent and intelligent lady. It seems that she does not accept her age and wants to hide it in every possible way. Therefore, in most cases, it turns out brute force.

Shapeless things

Overseas is another false trend on the way to a stylish image when you are over 40. After all, shapeless things, on the contrary, are aging, making the figure disproportionate and unnatural. This noticeably spoils the image of a gorgeous lady. You should not get involved in the pursuit of youth trends, because there are so many beautiful things that are ideal for a 45+ woman.

Colored tights

Tights of bright pink or acid green are becoming extremely out of place after 40. This is a playful element of clothing that makes you pay attention to yourself. Such an accessory literally shouts: “Look at me!”. Why an adult and sensible woman to wear such an element of wardrobe is not clear. Indeed, in the sleeve she is full of other elegant trumps, which she can use without a misunderstanding in their favor.

Transparent things

Sexuality is a quality that any woman wants to possess. We have been winning it over the years, trying to be more beautiful and more attractive, so that men would see us off. After 45, the woman still remains desirable and seductive, but she should emphasize her status with other things, such as an elegant neckline or a graceful waist. But to wear transparent things that open the whole body is completely inappropriate and pointless.

Rhinestones and sequins

Clothing with an excessive amount of rhinestone and sparkles makes a woman stand out among the rest, but also puts on her the mark of "bad taste". Such a young lady shines on every appearance, and this brilliance completely overshadows her personality and style. All pay attention only to an excessive amount of light coming from similar parts.