How stretching will make you younger and slimmer: 7 proven facts

Stretching helps to create a graceful, taut, plastic figure, strengthen joints, improve posture. In addition, you will begin to feel better, look better, become more confident.

Stretching helps get rid of joint pain

@ samira__mustafaevaRazyazhka increases the flexibility of the body, warms and relaxes the muscles, which helps to reduce pain, which are due to stress or nervous overstrain. Also, stretching is recommended for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle or work on sedentary work.

Stretching helps you feel more confident

All women who began to engage in stretching, noted that they began to feel much more beautiful and confident. The body becomes more flexible and pliable and fit.

Stretching improves posture

Stretching helps improve posture as well as coordination, making your gait smoother and more graceful. And it will also affect your self-esteem and make you feel attractive and sexy.

Stretching helps prolong your youth

@ samira__mustafaeva Thanks to the constant stretching and relaxation of muscles, many of the aging process in the body slow down, which allows you to keep a fit figure without age changes for a long time.

Stretching relieves nervous tension

Stretching exercises not only tone up the muscles, but also relax the entire body, soothe, thereby reducing nervous tension.

Stretching improves muscle elasticity

Thanks to constant training, increases the elasticity of the muscles, they receive blood and nutrients. This makes them stronger and protects against future injuries.

Stretching helps prepare for training

Do you have a crossfit class or are you just planning to go to the gym? Stretching will help you warm up your muscles before exercise and avoid injury. Stretching after an active workout is no less useful. It helps muscles recover and minimizes soreness.

It is worth noting that stretching is best done under the supervision of a professional trainer. At least, if you are just starting to engage in it. He will tell you the correct position, monitor the correctness of the exercises and check that you are not overstrained. Failure to follow these important nuances will result in muscle damage.