Men named 4 accessories that spoil women's reputation

We carefully monitor the fashion, not only for the sake of a beautiful appearance. Very often, this desire is caused precisely by the desire to look attractive in the eyes of men. Therefore, it would not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the list of accessories, which, in the opinion of the strong half of humanity, look, to put it mildly, unpresentable.

Scratches on glasses

It's hard to believe, but for men, they are literally striking. Especially, if your accessory with fashionable color or mirror lenses. To make the accessory last you longer, use a storage case. If you need to put them on the table - then just glass up. Do not forget to wipe the lenses daily - poor visibility and dust in the dangerous vicinity of the eyes, we also do not need.

Dim, Blackened Ornaments

No, this does not mean that this ring, transmitted from mother to daughter in the family, is no longer worn. If the jewelry keeps its original appearance, then why not? But from the dim, broken jewels with black holes instead of stones it is better to refuse. Jewelry, in the first place, gives any woman a touch of luxury, and in this case, is able to deprive her of this once and for all, better than no accessories, because minimalism is always relevant. When wearing silver, do not forget to clean it regularly; if you lose stones, immediately contact a workshop.

Faded bags

Sometimes we ourselves do not notice how the beloved bag comes to an end. Its edges lose their former shape, several scratches appear from somewhere, and the handles slowly rub down, exposing the lining. No need to wait for the "death" of your favorite accessory, replace the bag with another one. Your reputation will thank you.

Dirty gloves

We take care of outerwear: we thoroughly clean, put away in a separate case for the summer. Accessories, and in particular gloves, are much less fortunate. Their purity gives the owner with the head, so do not forget to take dry cleaning and them too. Regularly wipe the light skin of the gloves with a special solution, wash winter gloves and gloves every 1,5-3 weeks.