9 seductive female receptions that give birth to men at first sight

With all the tips on how to “catch” a man flying at us from all sides, it is difficult for women to understand what exactly is working and what is not. Reading magazines and books written by women and telling how to attract men is sometimes a waste of time.

9 men shared what they find attractive in women who managed to hook them.

1. She came up with a witty answer.

“She read my dating profile and came up with a great and witty chip based on one of the weirdest things I listed in my interests. That's all it takes. ”

2. She bought me a drink

“She paid the bartender to give me a second shot. Then I saw that she and her friends were leaving. And yes, maybe it was her plan, but it worked. ”

3. She danced alone on the dance floor

“My last girlfriend and I met at a party where she was the only one who danced. Everyone else was standing around, talking or looking at their phones, and she just started dancing herself. At first I thought she was drunk, but she just continued. I went to try to dance with her. It was a failure. After a few songs, she told me that she was just dancing, because she was so boring to talk and "did not want to miss the perfect playlist."

4. Her hair fascinated me

“Once I fell in love with a colleague because of her hair. I mean, she was all good and attractive, but I liked her hair very much. Every day I just looked at her and thought about touching her. By the way, I have never told anyone about this. ”

5. She came to me and gave me her number

“She just gave me her number. She came up to me, said something like: “You're great. Call me". And it's all. So simple! Such a huge burden fell from his shoulders and it is really amazing. "

6. She resisted the bully

“My wife entered into a verbal altercation with one of our university teachers. Nobody liked him. One day he just pushed her too hard and she told him everything she thought of him. He worried more and more, and everyone else just looked at him. It was awesome. Only at the end of the semester, I invited her on a date. I'm glad we started dating. ”

7. She tricked me

“In high school, this girl from my class did a famous trick with a cherry stem, tying it with a knot in her mouth. Three years later we had a party, where I asked: “Can you show this trick with a cherry stick again for us? It's damn cool! ”For a moment she was embarrassed, and then said:“ You know, this is just a trick. An already tied petiole was hidden behind my cheek. ” Ah, youth! "

8. She was very unpretentious and calm.

“In fact, the girl I see now was the only one among her friends who looked as if she was not trying to look good. Yes, girls spend ages, doing their hair and makeup, and she looked as if she dressed comfortably and left the house. She did not look like a slob, she was very neat! But it seems that she just looked confident in herself, despite the fact that she was wearing. "

9. She directly asked if I wanted to have sex

“I had a connection with a stunning woman just because in the middle of a conversation, for no reason at all, she asked:“ Will we make love or what? ” Before that, I did not even think about it. It was so bold, even harshly, but damn ridiculous. Could I say no?