8 basic things that are needed for each

The sun's rays are increasingly beginning to penetrate our apartments, snow puddles have for several weeks already stained boots and boots, and notes of heat gradually begin to appear in the air. The spring dawn rises not only in the streets, but also in our souls. We are renewing together with nature. Well, the renewal of the inner world can not go without updating the outer one, that is, our wardrobe. What are the basic things you need to purchase first? All for the spring update - read our article.

Classic trench

The classic version of the coat, which every woman of fashion has to have in her wardrobe. This basic version of outerwear gives femininity and elegance to its owner. It can be combined with anything, at the same time, it will not spoil the image in any of its form, unbuttoned or girded. The classic trench can be worn even with sneakers, the main thing is to look at this non-standard pair together - bright and harmoniously.

Fabric pants

During the winter, jeans and other thick trousers we wore almost holes. How else to escape from the prickly frost? But now it is time for lightweight styles. Bored jeans offer to change to fabric pants with a variety of prints. After all, the classic is a trend for all times.

Cotton sweater

It is time to get rid of knitted sweaters too. A thin sweater will help to change woolen winter for cotton spring. The usual basic thing of women's wardrobe will add to your image of lightness and airiness. Also this thing can favorably emphasize your figure, or vice versa, smooth out the flaws.


It is time to put big puffs and jackets into a distant closet - the season of coats and jackets came. Cozy scarves in combination with a spring coat will make your spring brighter and easier. The coat is a universal thing that every woman must have in her wardrobe. It goes well with boots, boots, boots and shoes. Recently, girls are increasingly wearing them even with sneakers. But you should not actively use such a mixture of styles.

Leather boots

Of course, no spring is complete without half-tricks or classic loafers. They are perfectly combined both with jeans, and with fabric trousers. The spring image of a coat, trousers and leather shoes is the standard of femininity and attractiveness. Long boots will also wear boots.

Beret or kepi

An excellent hat for the spring will be a woman's beret or cap. One of these accessories must be in every woman’s wardrobe. After all, they are best suited to the coat or classic trench coat. Also the headdress in the spring can replace a scarf or a dense scarf.

Biker jacket

If you do not like classic coats and trench coats, you can afford something more bold. For example, leather leather jacket. A stylish and versatile everyday option for a woman who likes to be the center of attention. This option of outerwear will look very advantageous with jeans and high boots. We advise you to add an image with a stylish bag or cap.

Knitted dress

For summer sundresses it is still early, but they have a great alternative. Knitted dress - perfect for spring. This outfit will add a bit of femininity in the image, and also pleasantly diversifies your wardrobe. A warm dress is, without a doubt, a necessary basic element for any woman.