What scares the relationship in different signs of the zodiac



Aries are afraid to open up and show themselves to their close people. According to their loving fan, they adore being the center of attention. Nevertheless, the demonstration of the soft side is a real test for them.


You are a kind of person for whom first dates can be almost a punishment. If your partner chooses not a good place for this evening or orders not the most delicious food, you will say goodbye to him right away. It is much easier for you to build a life together within your own home while watching the show, because in such an atmosphere you can feel most comfortable. In addition, you also have an option when a couple has a consistent and clear list of restaurants for an evening visit.


You do not particularly like to be attached to someone, so the transition to the moment of exclusivity in dealing with someone is extremely frightening for you.


Getting to know your partner’s friends is what scares you the most. Modest Cancers are best able to express themselves in small companies in a family setting, therefore, being in the center of attention in a crowd of strangers, they can withdraw into themselves for long.

a lion

Lions, you adore fun, passion and enthusiasm, so the most terrible key moment in the development of relationships comes for you when the honeymoon period ends. Monotony literally destroys your relationship, so you need to constantly keep them alive and interesting.


The first intimacy is a huge stumbling block for the Virgins, since they are definitely experiencing that something can go completely wrong. To somehow facilitate this process, try starting with a foreplay and replace bed linens with white. This will create the atmosphere you need so much as a fan of purity and perfection.


Scales personify harmony and balance, so any approach from the standpoint of conflict frightens you terribly. You have a huge experience of social relationships and peacekeeping, so everything that somehow leads to disputes and conflicts is not your forte and does not bring you any pleasure.


Oh, Scorpios. Mysterious Scorpions. By virtue of your secretive nature, your biggest fear is moving to a partner. First of all, you will need to make sure that you can fully trust your chosen one so that you can share your personal space with him.


Archers love to explore and travel, so if your first joint trip went wrong, it is quite possible that for you, as for a couple, everything could be over. If your partner on vacation likes to spend time sitting at home in front of the TV, then he probably just is not for you.


Meeting the parents of your partner may be too intimidating a step for you, because a family that you cannot fit in well does not suit you. If family members of your chosen one are distinguished by a lack of ability to behave at the table or do not share your values, then you perceive this as an alarming signal.


For Aquarius, the choice of that one, real, and loving person represents the greatest concern, since you literally radiate love in relation to everyone around. Your main problem in this situation is that you try to analyze and reflect on your feelings instead of just feeling.


Fish, you are dreamers, so having realized your dream, what are you doing next? Yes, yes, I'm talking about marriage, which scares you to tremble in your knees.

Now that you know what your greatest fear is in a relationship, have courage and face it.