5 features in the behavior of women, because of which a man is ready to even part with her

Sometimes we turn happy relationships into hell with our own hands. As practice shows, this is most characteristic of women than men. Coming up with various tactics of behavior and believing that it will be beneficial, we bring our partner to the state of extremes and force them to take final measures. If you want to save your love, do not behave as shown below.

1. Demonstrative offense

Looking to the side, pouting lips, short answers or silence - we let it be known that we were offended. Moreover, what we expect from a man, sometimes we do not understand. Because any word, phrase, action or desire to make peace is immediately perceived with hostility. In the end, your partner will simply get bored with playing the game “Laugh at Tsarevna Nesmeianu” and he will ignore your attacks in the form of deadly offenses.

2. Talking by hints

This is a favorite female tactic - to speak in hints. For some reason it seems to us that a man must understand and do everything according to the highest standard. But, as a rule, everything turns out quite differently as we want. The fact is that the male brain and psyche are arranged quite differently than the female ones. Men understand everything directly and logically, so if you want something, you should say it as it is, and not play riddles.

3. Recalling the past

This tactic is just perfect for manipulation: remember, before you hurt me, so now you owe me. By the way, this is a very bad way. First of all, manipulating a person is restriction and control in itself, and secondly, it is impossible to build a happy future by constantly turning to bad moments of the past.

4. Total control

In this situation, the woman takes on the role of mother, educator and warden. A man’s life is subject to complete control, vigilant attention and penetration into absolutely all areas of life. Of course, there is no question of any personal space here. Most likely, sooner or later, the poor groom simply will not stand it and will run away from under the wing of his bride.

5. Jealousy

The feeling of jealousy is completely destructive, destructive and not bringing anything positive, even experience. Being jealous, we burn ourselves, not allowing ourselves to think about anything else and living a life of others. The second target, of course, is our partner, who, moreover, constantly feels like under the sights of television cameras, is also always in the role of the guilty and offender. Release your possessiveness and just start believing the one next to you.