7 harsh features girls Aquarius


If you are in search of a truly incredible woman, take a closer look at Aquarius, because you can hardly find a more unique, extraordinary, incredibly charming, erudite and independent person among the other signs of the Zodiac.

She is incredibly smart

Aquarius women are known for their intelligence. They are not only trying to think about something, but are always ready to carry out the necessary research and consider the situation from all sides.

Aquarius is always not enough superficial and approximate knowledge, they are trying to penetrate into the very essence of the problem, to track how and why this or that event has interested them.

Aquarius women need partners who not only could support the conversation, but also encouraged them to dive deeper into the issue. If you find a common language with her mind, it will not be difficult for you to achieve her hands and hearts.

She too often ponders

The main problem of her inquiring mind is absolute isolation from her body. You always offend her, claiming that she too often dwells on nonsense and constantly seeks to think things over.

As a result, it closes both your mind and body from you. In addition, she always lacks sensuality in the physical plane. You just have to show her amazing power of touch.

As an air sign of the zodiac, Aquarius often appears cold, detached and emotionally limited. But actually they are not.

The problem is that most of the time they only care about themselves, which brings a sense of stability and comfort to their lives, and makes the man who is with her close, constantly pull her out of this state.

She is sexy and inventive

Aquarius woman is incredibly curious, open-minded and unusual. This is what allows her to fully express their sexuality. She is usually ready for anything in bed if she is convinced that she herself made a choice in favor of this.

As a rule, all her thoughts are connected with what is happening between you at a particular moment, so feel free to stimulate her even more by talking about your every next step. Remember that your touch can once and for all capture its attention.

She hates sugary romance

Aquarius women are incredibly practical, original and sincere, so they appreciate your honesty and sensuality more than anyone.

Score on Valentine's Day, because she does not care about this holiday at all. However, you should forget about her birthday, as she quickly forgets about you.

Aquarius women love being cared for, because it allows them to feel truly special. A post with flowers and poems in a social network is unlikely to inspire her, because in this way you only attract attention to yourself, speaking in the eyes of those around you just a great boyfriend.

Your romantic manifestations must be real and down to earth. Express your feelings through actions and try to be original.

She avoids conflicts

Aquarians have a keen sense of justice and respect everyone’s right to self-expression. However, they absolutely do not accept unpleasant situations and conflicts. Neither practical practical Aquarians do not consider it necessary.

If you do not like something, go wisely to solve the situation. As soon as you begin to raise your voice, call her name, show disrespect, consider that your song is sung.

Rude, quarrelsome and craven people have always been unpleasant to Aquarius. If your sweetheart feels that you treat her unfairly, you will lose her trust and respect forever.

She is incredibly independent

Aquarians are independent in their nature and must always be honest with themselves. As soon as they feel that they are underestimated, suppressed and controlled, they immediately begin to look for ways of retreat.

Aquarians are well aware of their quirks and always need a personal space. Nothing scares them more than the intention to restrict their freedom or autonomy. So try not to do this if you want to continue to meet with Aquarius.

She is constantly changing

Evolution and development - the basis of life of any Aquarius. Improving the world around you, expanding your own knowledge and constantly evolving are all part of the ongoing process of growth and development of each Aquarius.

Of course, change can bring controversy into your relationship, so you should also accept them with open arms. You will always insist on the same thing, and immediately lose her interest.