6 things you should always ask your man for


Relationships are built on reciprocity and compromise. You give your time, thoughts, thoughts, care and love to your partner and expect something in return from him. This is the wrong approach. You yourself have to ask for what you need. In fact, there are some things that you should always ask your partner for. Here are some examples.


If people enter into relationships with each other, this means that they are ready to respect each other’s decisions. Of course, you can share responsibilities, and each of you is responsible for something. But you must make important decisions together. Do not be afraid to tell your partner that you want to be more involved in joint decisions.


In modern times, almost every person has their own passions and goals beyond relationships. The balance between work and personal life is the only way to happiness.

If you do not have enough time that you spend with your loved one, tell him about it. Of course, you need to respect his aspirations in life and, if possible, to compromise. But if the situation has gone too far, talk to your partner.

Many for some reason believe that love will continue no matter what. However, how far they are from the truth. If you spend too much time apart, the distance between you will increase.


Perhaps the only thing that can be worse than a loved one who is constantly absent is a loved one who is near you, but with thoughts somewhere far away.

It is very painful to see your loved one hovering in his thoughts and not paying attention to you. Finally, you took the time to be together, but it turned out that you are still very far away. It is not always possible to forget about all the problems and leave them behind the threshold of the house, but it is important to remember that the moments spent with your loved ones is something worth living for.

Ask your partner to be with you not only physically, but to be with you for real, to talk with you and think only about what is happening between you now. Do it not only for yourself, do it for someone you love.


It seems to us that we will always sympathize with the one we love. Usually we do it. Until life makes its own adjustments. At the end of the day, we turn into incredibly selfish people. We live life only with our own eyes. But in a romantic relationship, it is very important to be able to put yourself in the place of another person.

Sympathy is the channel through which love flows. Sympathy is the unity of our souls. We must continue to work on this feeling, especially when personal life is mired in a routine. Remind your partner that it would be nice if he always tried to understand how you feel.


Relationships begin to break up at the very moment when we decide that we are satisfied with what we have. This does not mean that we should not rejoice at what we have, quite the opposite. But both of you should always strive for something new.

What is the purpose of your relationship? If it's a wedding, children and the desire to grow old together, then your relationship will fail. Big, ambitious goals are undoubtedly important. But even more important are the small goals that we set ourselves every day.

Passion is born out of novelty. Comfort and lack of desire kill passion. If the relationship has become bland, ask your partner to add a little variety to it.


People are not perfect. You have the same drawbacks as your partner. We all make mistakes. We lose touch with ourselves, and loss of touch with a partner becomes a natural conclusion. For most of our lives, all we do is lose ourselves and find them again. So why do you think that the relationship is different?

It's not about how much control you lost in the relationship. The point is how much effort you both put in to save love. If it seems to you that the partner is not making any effort, tell him about it. Ask him to give you more attention than other things he does in his life.

Of course, all your requests must be reasonable and you must be prepared to compromise. But your partner must understand that if you don’t make an effort, there’s no point in staying in a relationship.