How to turn figure imperfections into advantages: 5 fashionable life hacking

Each of us has its own specific flaws. Big forehead, red cheeks, voluminous legs or some other things that we don’t like. This does not mean at all that they make us worse or spoil, they just bring psychological discomfort. If you think that these flaws spoil you - just follow these five life hacks.

Big forehead

To visually reduce the forehead and emphasize facial features, you need to wear voluminous caps or caps with a visor. They will hide the extra dimensions and distract from them. Caps with backs can also come up. They are perfect for any image and visually reduce the forehead. True, such a headdress should not have unnecessary elements - bows, ribbons or rhinestones.

Small features

Not everyone is fortunate to be a woman with full lips, big eyes and long eyelashes. And that's fine! Our appearance is unique. We are beautiful as we are. But if you are still confused by small facial features - choose massive jewelry. Big earrings, beads, necklaces, hairpins or even piercings.

Plump tummy

If you are confused by the folds in the waist, do not rush to eat one salad and drink only water. They can be hidden, you just need to choose the right clothes. You should not wear tight clothes, wear jackets with deep cuts on the chest and back. Best fit are modest fitted blouses, blazers or sweaters. The main thing is that they do not cover the hips and do not create additional volume. That is why here the belt will help us a lot. Belt can be under the breast or just above the waist.

Ugly legs

Due to the huge daily load on our feet, they may eventually become not as attractive as they were in their youth. Someone is worried about bloated or blue veins, ugly knees, pallor, or some other flaw. Despite everything, you don’t need to hide your legs in jeans or modest trousers. You can wear long skirts, knee-length skirts, little bells, or just full curvaceous. Also dark tights will be an excellent tool from the complexes.

Plump hands

Sometimes a woman does not like this or that part of her body. Plump hands may well fall into this list. To fix this, you only need to buy jackets with lush and air sleeves. Light chiffon, cotton, lace, embroidery - everything that a shower has is suitable for. The main thing that the fabrics were not synthetic and not fitting. Then nothing will be noticeable, and your weaknesses will turn into your strengths.