5 secrets to repeat the elegant image of French women

French style is the real standard of good taste all over the world. That Parisian women consider the most sophisticated, charming, feminine and desirable girls according to men. And you can turn into them with just a few beauty tools.

Make up lips with red lipstick

Shutterstock The main detail of a stylish image in French, which partly explains the popularity of Parisian women in the male. As you know, men can not resist a girl with bright red lips.

The shade is chosen in accordance with the color type - for example, blondes go rich shades of red, brunettes are dark, closer to brown, and girls with bright red hair come in bright colors on the edge of red and orange.

As for the texture, it depends on your personal preferences and reason. For everyday images it is better to choose a matte lipstick, and for the publication - glossy.

Make perfect arrows

Shutterstock French women prefer minimalism, and therefore complex makeup using different shades of shadows is not popular among them. They have enough black arrows on their eyes - it looks very stylish, aristocratic and sexy. You can not use the shadows at all, or choose a neutral beige shade, which should be applied to the mobile eyelid. Do not forget to use mascara - in such a makeup eyelashes should be dark and long.

Apply a gentle blush

Shutterstock Healthy complexion is the basis of a great image. Therefore, the French women do not neglect the rouge and put a gentle, girlish blush on the cheeks. Do not emphasize the cheekbones - it is better to apply blush with a soft brush directly on the cheeks. Just do not overdo it - busting with rouge looks not at all in French.

Tidy your eyebrows

Shutterstock Since the makeup in French is rather minimalist, the emphasis is on naturalness and naturalness. And the naturalness must be careful. French women do not allow themselves to walk with overgrown eyebrows, but no one overdo it, leaving thin strings. On the contrary, their eyebrows as close as possible to the natural form. If necessary, you can add colors to them - to do this, use a pencil or lipstick for eyebrows. And to give them the perfect shape will help a special gel.

Make sloppy curls

Shutterstock Naturalness and negligence are the main preferences of French women. Their hairstyle is the main proof. Parisians prefer their hair to look like they just got out of bed.

Or experienced an incredible adventure on the way to work. Careless waves, styling in the style of sheggi - the favorite versions of the French ladies. In addition, you should try all sorts of hairstyles with braids that look no less elegant, and hairstyles with hair accessories.