8 qualities of a woman who had not had a man a long time ago

This article focuses on the ladies, who simply forgot that they are women. They put on a fat cross and only complain that their lives have failed. So, the main signs of female loneliness and hopelessness.

1. Hatred of men

Such a woman a priori hates men - separately and together. And, as a rule, this aggression does not come from one’s own life experience, but from the stories of girlfriends about “goat men” or stories of one’s own mother offended by her spouse.

2. Ignoring parties and hot spots

Night clubs, restaurants, bars and cafes are all vicious places where depravity reigns, evil and chaos. Only women of easy virtue who agree to one-time sex and who have no moral prohibitions go there.

3. A firm belief that all men need only sex

Any man who at least looked toward the woman immediately mentally undresses her and puts her to bed. What can we say about dates and relationships - they are all needed for one purpose only.

4. Constant complaints about fate

Old maidens adore discussing and telling everyone about their failed life, complaining, blaming those around them. According to their firm conviction, absolutely nothing depends on them, because there are only goats and prostitutes around.

5. Envy of others

Wow, these women just masterfully honed the art of envy, if you can call it that. They burn away from this black feeling to absolutely everyone - to beautiful girlfriends, those who successfully married, got a child, started their own business and even to those who know how to enjoy life.

6. Scruffy appearance

This is done more likely not from the fact that the old maidens do not care about themselves, but from the firm conviction that all men fall down on their slim body, attractive appearance and beautiful wrapping. So, it is necessary to become a cardinal opposite in order not to fall into the chains of these bloodsuckers.

7. Waiting for unexpected love

Such women spend all their free time at home, expecting love in the form of an ideal prince on a white horse to come into their lives. Alas, this is a huge mistake. As you know, under a rolling stone, water does not flow, and if no action is taken, then there is a high probability of remaining in the status of a loner until the end of life.

8. Career advancement in first place

Very often those women who are too serious about work and study are left alone and give it almost their entire life. Of course, this is good and correct, but only partly. You can’t replace personal life with your career, because in the race for promotion and good income it’s very easy to be left without a stamp in your passport until the end of your life.