6 proven ways to quickly strengthen nails at home

Salon procedures for nail care fall into the pocket of not every woman. To solve the problem of thin and weak nails will help recipes of beauty, which can be easily implemented at home.

Most ways to strengthen the nail plate do not require the use of expensive ingredients, despite the fact that the results are often noticeable after the first procedure.

Iodine and salt

The old recipe using two simple ingredients is an effective way to strengthen the nail plate and get rid of delamination. You will need real sea salt, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. A tablespoon of the main component should be dissolved in a glass of boiled water with a temperature of 35–38 degrees. In the mixture add five drops of iodine.

The solution should be thoroughly rubbed into nails previously cleaned from varnish. Alternatively, you can make the bath of iodine and salt, lowering the fingers in a container with a solution for 15−20 minutes. The course of treatment is at least two weeks of daily procedures.

Honey and orange

To help exfoliate and brittle nails come special baths of honey with the addition of orange juice. Honey is a unique product that not only prevents delamination, but also visibly aligns the nail plate after a course of procedures.

Preparing the composition for the procedure is not difficult: in 100 ml of hot water you should dissolve the same amount of honey and squeeze the juice from one orange. As an alternative to this fruit, you can use lemon. The mixture should be stirred until homogeneous and hold your fingers in it until it cools completely. To obtain the visible result of the procedure should be repeated daily for at least two weeks.

Olive oil

The use of any vegetable oil is widespread in cosmetology. This product is also used for nail care. The most effective results in strengthening the nails show various masks with the use of olive oil.

You can use oil as a single ingredient for hand care, simply by applying it to the surface of the nail plate. However, to enhance the effect, cosmetologists recommend adding a few drops of the following oils to it:

  • castor;
  • burdock;
  • almond;
  • jojoba;
  • cereal.

In the preparation of masks, it is important to give preference to the most purified products, thus avoiding possible allergic reactions. A mixture of oils can be applied directly to the nail plate, actively rubbing and not washing.


Such product as gelatin, finds its application not only in cooking. Its unique properties can also be used for nail care. With the help of gelatin, you can not only strengthen weakened nails, but also give them shine and smoothness.

It is important to use the product in its pure form without the addition of dyes and other components. A tablespoon of gelatin should be dissolved in a glass of hot water. It is possible to start the bath when the solution has cooled slightly, and it is desirable to keep your hand in the container with the mixture until it cools completely.

Cottage cheese and vegetable oil

Often, brittle nails are caused by a lack of calcium in the body. You can solve the problem by external influence using a mask of cottage cheese. For treatment, you need only a natural (preferably farm) product of high fat content. Cottage cheese mixed in a blender with any vegetable oil, preference should be given to olive oil. The resulting mixture in its consistency should resemble sour cream. Apply the mask on the nails for half an hour at least three times a week.

The benefits of vitamins

To influence the nail plate should be not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Often the nails exfoliate and break due to improper nutrition and the lack of necessary substances and trace elements in the diet. You can make up for the loss with the help of special vitamin complexes that combine all the important components in the correct dosage.

In cosmetology is also practiced the application of vitamins in liquid form directly on the surface of the nail. You should mix together the contents of the capsules of vitamins A and E, which can be purchased at a pharmacy, and apply the resulting product on the nails. To carry out such a procedure should be regularly for two weeks. At the time of treatment will have to abandon the coating of decorative varnish.