How to make a day makeup with just one tool and look spectacular

Lipstick - a product that many of them appeared in a cosmetics bag one of the first, and since then has been its main guest. Despite its main function, a small stick can be very versatile. In fact, you can do all the makeup using only one lipstick. Seriously! And it's not just about the beautiful blush on the cheeks.


Applying lipstick on the apples of the cheeks is a trick that is passed down from generation to generation. Lipstick with a creamy consistency is ideal for this, because it will melt on your skin and will not leave noticeable lines. It is best to choose brown and berry shades, which effectively emphasize everything you need.


It may seem that it sounds better "on paper" than the result will be in life. Mainly because the lipstick can be quite sticky - it is unlikely that they want to put on forever. Therefore, you should be more attentive to the texture of the lipstick that you choose: the best option is the nonmatt finish and the highly pigmented formula. Beige or brown shades will look great on the eyes, creating the effect of Smokey-ice.


It may surprise someone, but lipstick of brown shades can also be used to contour the face - with a neat shading you will perfectly emphasize the cheekbones line. Best suited for this lipstick with a creamy texture, as they are very easily amenable to any action.


It really works! Neutral, green or light pink shades of lipstick can hide redness as good as concealer. You just need to apply a liquid foundation or powder a face, and then the right amount of lipstick on the problem areas and voila!

And, of course, lips

The effect of kissed lips is one trend that many people love. To achieve it, all you need is red lipstick or a pencil. Apply the selected tool in the middle of the lips and shade with your fingers - that's the whole secret. The main thing is not to bring the color to the contour.