4 of your secrets that a man learns just by looking at your hands


Your hands can reveal to a man some secrets about your innermost traits. Perhaps he does not even realize that he is capturing these clues that you unconsciously send him.

Here are 4 things that a man notices when looking at the hands of a girl, and what he extracts from these involuntary observations about your particular traits and what you really are.


One of the most important nuances about women's hands is whether it wears jewelry at all, and if so, what does it mean. The most important thing is whether a wedding ring is worn. After all, this means that you are married to another man and are not open to promising communication, but, unfortunately, some men do not care.

The style and quantity of jewelry that a girl wears can also create an idea about her. Massive and catchy rings and bracelets? How many are there? Gold, silver or perhaps a simple alloy? These nuances can tell a man, whether you are vulgar or elegant, sometimes give out your culture and origin, it all depends on the style of jewelry that you wear on yourself.

Handshake strength

When a man first takes you by the hand, you silently evaluate each other. When you take into account whether his hand is shaking or not, the man pays attention to hardness or softness, as well as the strength of your handshake.

Women's hands are usually smaller than men's, and this in itself means that they are not so strong. However, your “grasp” may allow you to assess whether you have the energy and decisiveness or are slightly passive.

If your handshake is too strong, you may be perceived as overly masculine. Too weak will show that you have a lack of energy.

Your handshake should be hard enough, but not crushing. Then he will be comfortable with you, he will feel your sense of purpose and ability to overcome obstacles in life. Therefore, do not literally squeeze it with your own hand.

Your nails

Most men will pay attention to your nails only if they are very very specific, incredibly long with a manicure, for example, or vice versa, are short and gnawed.

If your nails are excessively short, as you are gnawing on nerves, it may mean that you are too picky. Long nails may indicate that you are very sensitive. It may also mean that you do not like physical work, but this is combined with a very weak handshake.

There are girls who just like long nails, and some wear short ones, it’s more comfortable for them. This is a matter of preference, but nobody canceled nail care. Nail polish can create an impression of you and highlight your style. Girls who care for their nails want to make a good impression on others.

Like jewelry, your nails can tell a lot about your personality, especially if you yourself are focusing on them using fancy combinations of colors and decorations.

Simplicity and well-being indicate your balance, that you know what you want, and are also well organized and tidy. On the contrary, if your nails are uneven, jagged or broken, it will show you as a windy person, as if you are flying somewhere in the clouds or perhaps you are a slob.

Your palms and hands

The palm can tell the story of a person as such. Connoisseur, it shows the "true age", but the man can talk about some of your features. The condition of your hand can sometimes give a lot of information. And yes, it can be used to identify how old you are.

Maybe your hands hair? Are they thin or coarse? Are there any spots? Is the skin soft and well-groomed or dry and cracked?

How well you take care of your hands can show how attentive you are to details. Scratches and cuts on the hands suggest that you work a lot with your hands or you have pets that you love to play with. Excessively thick hair on the hands of a woman speaks about her male beginning: perhaps she is more resolute than the owner of thin and sparse hair or without it at all.

These are just a few moments that a man can notice when looking at your hands. They carry a lot of secrets about your character, life priorities, but you can sometimes not realize it yourself.

What do your hands tell a man about you?