Modern woman's underwear: 5 ideas for any figure

The older we get, the more we realize the importance of not only what we wear, but also what we wear under the visible part of our image. This is, of course, about underwear. We must choose it with special care.

Here are 5 of the most fashionable models of underwear that will appeal to both those who appreciate comfort and those who vote for elegance and beauty.

Seamless underwear

At first glance, it may seem boring, but in fact it will definitely conquer you. Seamless flesh-colored underwear will come to the rescue in any incomprehensible situation, especially if you decide to wear a slinky, slightly translucent outfit.
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The trend for velvet clothes is gaining momentum - it has not bypassed the side and underwear. Soft velvet and velor sconces and panties not only look luxurious, but also luxurious to the touch. Particularly relevant models of pastel pink and gray shades, as well as rich emerald green and blue colors.
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Ultra-delicate underwear

We are talking about thin lace, bows and a palette of candy color. Such underwear will not leave indifferent lovers of sexual elegance and luxury. In order for it to serve you as long as possible, do not forget to properly care for it - at least wash it by hand.
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Transparent underwear

This is not a new trend, but you definitely cannot go wrong with it. Transparent lingerie is sensual and at the same time minimalist, practical and elegant at the same time. At the same time, such underwear is very comfortable - it can be worn at least every day.
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Lingerie in the style of boho, always carrying us to the bosom of spring nature, is gaining popularity. Earthen colors, festival prints, embroidery, ribbons and beadwork. A boho wall lamp can be easily put on without covering it with other outerwear, for example, paired with jeans as a bustier.
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