Oh, those Russians: 5 fashionable pieces that surprise foreigners

The style of Russian women has always been special. Someone may call it tasteless, however, judging by what they say about him and even try to copy in Europe and in the USA, there is something special about him. Today we will talk about what fashionable tricks used by Russian ladies to make their image perfect.

Put cotton in shoes

Finding shoes that would fit perfectly is just as easy as trousers of impeccable cut. But pants can be customized for themselves in the studio, and what to do with shoes? That's right, you can put cotton. Interestingly, extremely practical Russian women are doing this: in the West, this is practiced extremely rarely. But then we manage to walk in high-heeled shoes and feel quite comfortable.

Pin up clothes with pins.

One movement with a pin, and a coat with too wide collar turns into a perfect product. And even in the model of another style. Thus, we can always look immaculate, and also change the style literally on the go. Russian savvy can really be envied, is not it? And the pin will help you out in those catastrophic cases when something in clothes or shoes has come off extremely inopportunely.

Use clips to smash bra straps

Why buy a transformer when you can and so? T-shirts with a strap in the middle or without straps in general are evening dresses: a Russian woman will not allow the straps to stick out from under her clothes and use cunning maneuvers to hide them with the help of everyday objects. This is not only beneficial (you can save on different types of bras), but also practical. We went in the evening for a holiday in an evening dress, and in the morning immediately on a shish kebab in a favorite T-shirt.

Nail polish against the shooter on pantyhose

Hooks always appear unexpectedly. What to do to not shame during the day with torn pantyhose? Use a transparent nail polish, which wears in his purse almost every second woman. With it, you can easily and quickly secure the hold and not let it crawl. But in the west this is used very, very rarely.

Jeans shorts

In branded stores originally from the West, you can see denim shorts, but the average Russian fashionista would rather not buy them, but make them herself. If your favorite jeans are torn, they can still be used for their own purposes. And this is not to mention the fact that the length can be chosen and podgadat independently, and come up with the design of the product. In the end, and at home you can get a great thing on the figure to which you have become accustomed, saving a few thousand, which you would separate for it in the store.