Why an attempt to change a man is the main mistake of women

When your romance was just beginning, your lover was fine with you. Either you were inclined to idealize him on emotions, or he tried very hard to impress you, but he seemed like a completely different person. Now something has changed - the man suddenly lost all his ambitions, lies on the sofa and is rapidly (in your opinion) degrading. It's time to take up his education. This ends up with nothing at best. At worst - conflicts or even rupture. Where does the desire to remake a partner come from?

He can "splurge"

Perhaps the beloved is too carried away, trying to conquer your heart, and successfully pretended not to be the person he really is. And when you figured it out, you felt deceived. You feel sorry for the effort, from there and the desire to at least partially adjust the partner to your ideal.

He really changed

Circumstances have a different impact on people. Someone for self-realization needs peace and comfort, while others, on the contrary, need to constantly fight. It is possible that your man belongs to the latter type, and a happy relationship has relaxed him too much. However, trying to change a partner is not the way out. It is better to find ways to motivate him competently.

You want a better life

Even if your man does not have enough stars from the sky and it was clear to you at the very beginning of the relationship, the hope for a better life has not gone away. You meticulously compare the beloved with the companions of the lives of your friends and secretly make plans to make him change for the better.

Change a man - the task is almost impossible. You should not torture yourself or your partner. If he does not want to strive for something by himself, you cannot force him. If this nuance is very important for you and the current relationship is depressing you, find the strength to part with this person and find someone who is more in line with your expectations.

You are a victim of stereotypes

It was always accepted in society that all important decisions remained for a man and he had to act. Today, the situation has changed, women have become more independent, and men have partly given up the initiative. But out of habit, we expect them to lead a relationship, take a leadership position (even if they themselves do not intend to give it up). This contradiction is one of the main contemporary problems of a woman in a relationship.