In 35 - and already an old woman: 7 habits that kill our youth

Many women in our country with their own hands accelerate the arrival of old age. Sometimes, looking at the next lady, it seems that she had long ago crossed the threshold of middle age, and in fact she might be slightly over 30. Here are 7 “scourges” of women who ruthlessly age them.

1. Constant complaints

Women who constantly cry, whine and complain about their bad life cause a strong association with an old woman who is already at the very threshold of her life. Smile and grumble less - and 10 years from the shoulders!

2. Envy

A very familiar feeling is envy of those around you. To girlfriends who are beautiful, to families who are happy, to people who are happy. Envy is very destructive internally, makes you constantly depressed and feel stressed.

3. Sense of sacrifice

In fact, being a victim for many is very beneficial. You should be pitied, consoled, felt pity for you, trying to raise your courage and say that everything will be fine. Only in all this there is one huge minus - the awareness of oneself as a victim gives you nothing but a feeling of helplessness, loneliness and hopelessness.

4. Anger

Perhaps it is anger that ages a woman, like nothing else. Just imagine - an evil hag who feels hatred for everyone, a fire on what is worth light, throws mud at her and wants bad things. Only the one who is at the age of neglected old age will behave this way, but clearly not a young girl.

5. Gossip

Oh, this is a favorite female occupation - discussion behind the back and gossip. I must say that this behavior is associated in most people with a succession of attendants sitting on a bench and discussing each person passing by. The result - only they live correctly, and no one else.

6. Sad face expression

Nothing so adds age, as always gloomy and sad expression on his face. Smile more often and you will see how beautiful, attractive and younger you look!

7. Obsessive desire to teach life

Even young girls are sometimes inclined to think of themselves as gurus of life and specialists on all issues, and begin to give "useful" advice on how to build their destiny. In most cases, this is a very annoying and obsessive behavior that is associated with an elderly person, who believes that by virtue of his experience he can advise who and how to live.