6 rules seductive image for women 45+

Every woman wants to be seductive and attractive to men, no matter how old she is. However, putting on a dubious outfit of ultra-short dresses and high heels, as well as putting on a war paint that any Indian leader would envy is not an option. In this form, you do not seduce anyone, but on the contrary, you will even scare.

We decided to figure out how a stylish, elegant, and also eye-catching image should be, fashionable women over 45 years old.

Restrained sexuality

@ themiddlepageblogToo frank or pointedly sexy clothes should be avoided. Give preference to things that gently demonstrate the virtues of your figure. Items such as a sheath dress that fits nicely, a midi-skirt or a pencil skirt, regular jeans or pants will make you more sophisticated, but not vulgar.

Beautiful shoes are our everything

@ thesequinist Heeled shoes - this is the first thing that men associate with femininity and sexuality. A woman in ballet shoes or sleeves can be fashionable, beautiful, stylish and even exquisite, but if you rely on sexuality, you should prefer an elegant boat. True, the heel is better to choose no more than 8−10 centimeters - if you move like a cow on the ice, it is unlikely someone will like it.

Clothes can be budget, but should look expensive

@ realfashionistYou can buy a great thing at a sale or in a second hand, and no one would even think of where you got it from. But only if it fits well with you, fine cut and made of good natural fabrics, or mixes. But from rhinestones, stupid design, low-quality cut and cheap, synthetic fabrics just stay away.

Light colors look more refined

@ themiddlepageblogWhy, for some reason, Russian ladies mostly prefer dark shades. Of course, this is more practical - they are unmarked, and sometimes they can make you visually slimmer. However, they can also add to you and years - because every wrinkle on your face becomes much more noticeable. But the clothes of light pastel shades not only look more interesting, but also make your image more expensive.

Ideal length - just below the knee

@ realfashionist Mini-skirt - not the most sexy women's clothing. She opens up too much, leaving no room for male fantasy, and also often looks vulgar. If on young girls, she looks good, then an adult woman just will not decorate. But the length of the midi - a more elegant solution, which also looks really sexy.

Hats - plus elegance

@ thesequinist A woman in a coat looks seductive. But if she adds a hat, she will turn into a real lady - elegant and refined. Before a beautiful woman in a hat or beret is very difficult to resist, she immediately attracts the attention of men and invariably delights. By the way, you can try the current kepi, this accessory looks no less interesting and very tempting.