6 signs of a man who is looking for a replacement for his wife

A man who has pricked up his own family’s skies is immediately visible - his behavior, appearance, interests and views on life are changing. Moreover, this can be noticed even by an absolutely unfamiliar person from the outside - it is only worth a closer look.

1. Clothing that draws attention

Almost divorced man dressed brightly and shockingly, so that his appearance immediately caught the eye. Do not be surprised at the presence of acidic colors or, on the contrary, the brutal elements of clothing, thus it attracts future candidates for the wife’s place.

2. Unusual hairstyle and appearance

A man “on the issue” usually decides to drastically change his appearance - to drastically change his hair, grow a beard, tattoo a tattoo or pierce a piercing. Again, all these elements are nothing but an increase in their own attractiveness and an increase in self-esteem due to the attention of others.

3. Flirt

Such a man would flirt with women just recklessly. And, often, this excessive loving attitude applies to absolutely everyone - from the youngest to the oldest. In this way, he demonstrates others his charm and trains in the art of pickup.

4. "Eating" women eyes

This man will shamelessly gaze at every pretty woman who is nearby, without experiencing absolutely no remorse. At the same time, he can make very clear compliments and make greasy jokes, and they will be very amusing him.

5. Childishness

A man who has gathered to divorce, as a rule, lacks freedom, new impressions and the absence of any responsibility. So that childishness wakes up in him when he begins to behave like a stupid teenage boy who is constantly fooling around, joking and thinking is not a head at all.

6. Bad guy reputation

As you know, girls have always been on the bad guys, which is why men in divorce so often choose this tactic of behavior. Reckless acts, adrenaline in the blood, boasting, extreme - all this is used to conquer the heart of another frivolous fool.