What terrible consequences can the operation to remove Bisha’s lumps

Bisha’s lumps are fat deposits that are deep under the skin of the face in the cheek area. They are formed in infancy. That is why children have such plump cheeks and if they are touched, then Bish’s lumps will be felt in both cheeks. They help babies suck breast milk and bottle mixes. And further promote chewing of food. But with age, their functionality diminishes and they only protect the oral mucosa from mechanical damage as a result of exposure from the outside of the cheek.

The operation to remove the lumps of Bisha is done with the aim of creating precise cheekbones and more refined outlines of the face.
Shutterstock But it is advised to do it only after twenty-five years. This is due to the fact that with age there is a natural loss of fat under the skin of the cheeks, and if you perform early removal of lumps of Bish, it is possible that the cheeks sag, which will visually make your face look older.

The surgeon makes small incisions on the mucous membranes of the cheeks. About 1−2 cm and through them gently removes a lump of Bish. The operation is fairly simple and takes from forty minutes to 1.5. After recovery from anesthesia, patients calmly go home. The edema will subside within 3–4 days. But to fully heal the tissue will take from two to three weeks.

IMPORTANT! Doing such an operation is only for girls with a round face. Otherwise, after 5–7 years after removal, unnatural mimic wrinkles will form along the center of the cheek. The lump of adipose tissue prescribed by nature will no longer be there, and the skin will begin to “tighten” as if in a funnel in place of the former lump of Bish. Similar changes occur in older people, whose cheek sinks to the cheekbone due to the lack of their own teeth. Plus ten in appearance you will be provided.