7 fashionable ways to really look younger than their years

Scientists say that, first of all, old age comes to people who are inactive, who are malnourished and constantly under stress. Therefore, we put on beautiful things, smile at our reflection in the mirror, put a juicy apple in our purse for a snack and go for a walk on foot. This is a whole female philosophy - to grow up beautifully and at the same time maintain your own style and active lifestyle. The main thing - the desire to do only what you love. Do sports that brings pleasure, choose clothes - in which you fall in love, in which your eyes shine and which fills you with energy.

Wear dresses

Try to choose models of dresses that emphasize the dignity of the figure. Complement fashionable accessories: for example, a thin belt. Keep a balance of dark and light shades. Fabric is better to choose monophonic or with a small pattern.
Dress Mango,. Dress Mango,.

Choose polka dot dresses

A polka-dot dress is timeless. Designers every year include it in their fashion collections. Remember the gorgeous dress in large peas on the heroine of Julia Roberts in the movie "Pretty Woman"? How many years, and the dress and his drawing does not lose its relevance. On the contrary, a polka-dot dress will emphasize your exquisite taste and elegance.
Dress Mango,. Dress Mango,.

Tie a silk scarf

The silk scarf is a chic accessory that will make your image infinitely attractive. Choose a modern print or monochromatic color that adorns you, learn how to tie a scarf in different ways. Wear a scarf with a raincoat, suit, jacket, jumper and of course, with a dress.
Vittorio Richi shawl, 900 rub. Vittorio Richi shawl, 900 rub.

Give silk to your body

A feminine silk blouse is an indescribable comfort for your skin. Fibrio, one of the silk proteins, heals the skin by slowing down the aging process. Silk blouse will be loved in your wardrobe.
Blouse Madeleine. Blouse Madeleine,.

Experiment with jeans

Jeans are a favorite item in 52-year-old Cindy Crawford's wardrobe. Blue, gray, white, black ... Try to avoid appliqués, rhinestones and holes. Combine jeans with shirts, blouses, voluminous cozy sweaters. Combine jeans, one-color high-quality T-shirt and jacket - you'll like it.

Notice fashion details

Interesting small details in outerwear decorate and show you as a woman who follows and understands fashion. For example, the original belt and large pockets make this wool coat stylish and original.
Coat Electrastyle,.: Coats Electrastyle,.:

Choose sophisticated decorations

Jewelery plays an important role in creating an image. Skillful jewelry emphasizes youth and charm, uplifting. Properly selected earrings will make you feel like a queen. Good jewelry gives you the opportunity to enhance their own attractiveness and highlight your taste.
Exclaim Earrings, Exclaim Earrings,