Were at a dead end: how to answer uncomfortable questions

Everything was going well - you had a nice conversation with a man, until suddenly an uncomfortable question came up. Oh, you work there? And how much do you earn? And when to get married? Why don't you give birth to a child? And the second child? Everyone reacts to such moments in different ways: someone gets angry, someone gets upset. But almost always the reaction is negative. What should be done in such situations?

First of all keep calm. Reacting violently to uncomfortable questions, you yourself exacerbate the situation. The cases can be different, and it is your reaction that can make the issue more difficult for you. Try to respond more calmly and gently away from the topic, and the question will become much less tactless.

If you are asked about age

Women themselves make this question tactless, shy of their age. The first thing you need to do is accept it and love yourself the way you are. And so that questions stop being uncomfortable, it’s worth answering them with humor. For example, to assure the interlocutor that you already have 18, and the rest is not the main thing.

If you are asked about salary

We are confused only because we strive to seem better than it actually is. And this, in turn, leads to the fact that we are ashamed of the current level of wages. You can get out of this situation as follows - do not name a specific amount, but say an approximate amount. For example, "around 50".

If you are asked about the value of your items

In fact, this question can be caused by two different reasons: either by wanting to understand what you are, or by real curiosity (for example, a colleague wants to buy the same bag and evaluates its value). You can answer honestly or get out of the situation in the same way as in the case of salary.

If you are asked about the future marriage

This is the most popular and at the same time stupid question, because you yourself do not know when you will get married. The right thing to do is smile and answer something like that you are working on it, or that you have reasons why you should wait a little with marriage.

If you are asked about children

It depends on who asks. If this is your mother, she is probably just wondering when she will have grandchildren. But outsiders may say that this question is too personal to discuss it.