Get rid of half your wardrobe: stylist tips

Do not keep things from feeling guilty

When do we keep things out of guilt? For example, when we don’t want to throw them away, because we spent a lot of money on them, or they gave us a thing as a sign of attention, or when this or that thing awakens memories in my head.

According to experts, we should keep only those things that make us happy - and if this or that thing does not cause us joy, we should thank her and say goodbye to her without any remorse of conscience. To make it easier for you, you can donate things to those who really need them. Isn't it great that you can give things a new life?

Do not keep things that do not carry

Whether brand shoes are small in size or a luxurious jacket that you liked to wear five years ago, but now you’re cool to it - no matter how awesome the thing is, if you don’t want / can’t wear it - give it to anyone who can and will want . And make room in your wardrobe for the things that will become your best friends.

If you don’t wear a new item within two weeks, return it to the store.

If you make a mistake and impulsively bought the thing that you didn’t want to wear, return it to the store. In order to determine whether you like the thing enough, it often takes no more than two weeks. Anything that stays idle longer is not your option.

Arrange a dressing room so that every thing is visible.

Another mantra is that you need to organize your closet so that you can see all the things in it. This will help you get ready in the morning, as you will see all the options for outfits, as well as identify the things that you wear the most.

Highlight the things that bring you joy

Now that you’ve gotten rid of things that don’t fit you properly or that you never feel good about, you can fix your eyes on things that give you joy. This will help you understand what things work for you and why, and stick to this flattering style.

Thus, having defined the silhouettes, fabrics and styles that suit you best, and identifying those parameters in clothes that, on the contrary, do not suit you, you will be able to be more decisive while shopping and will easily determine which thing you really need, but which one is not.
@andotherstoriesReve also existing gaps in your wardrobe - something that is not enough for complete delight. You may have a dozen perfect dresses, but there is not a single belt for them.

Having collected a wardrobe of the things that suit you, which also make you be more confident in yourself, you can look really stylish.

Take care of your clothes

The secret of longevity of your favorite things depends not only on their quality, but also on your care. So buy, for example, anti-moth products and do the same to erase delicate items by hand.