7 things because of which it’s time to stop complexes

Each of us is surrounded by a dense wall of imposed opinions, stereotypes and concepts of how it should be. We begin to change ourselves and adapt to what, in fact, should not worry us at all. Throw off, finally the shackles, give up on what society requires of you, and live as you like. So never pester yourself about these things.

1. Large foot size

For some reason, it is believed that a woman should be like Cinderella, and have a small neat foot. If your foot size is greater than 38, do not record yourself in elephants and feel free to be ashamed of it. The choice of shoes is now so wide that you can easily pick up a pair of absolutely any woman. And, in general, who said that the owners of miniature legs do not suffer in search of shoes and do not complex?

2. Critical days

When will women finally stop complexes about what is natural and physiological? Even under 40 years old aunties buy gaskets, having made sure 10 times that there is no one within a radius of 10 meters. Why such difficulties?

3. Reluctance to have children and get married

Of course, our society puts a lot of pressure on those women who, at least by the age of 30, did not have a family and children. Everywhere the words sound - “Last chance; The clock is ticking; Lonely old age ”and so on. Hardcore minds simply cannot understand that a woman can be realized in life not only as a mother or as a wife. There are many other areas where you can fill yourself, and at the same time feel boundless happiness.

4. Custom appearance

Another item imposed on us by society, television and the Internet. The world dictates that a woman should look like a goddess on the cover of a glossy magazine, and if you don’t meet this, then you just need to head for yourself and start reworking. Only for whom is it necessary, and why? Appreciate yourself for the uniqueness that is in you, and never go about anyone.

5. Failed privacy

The number of your partners, divorces, children from different marriages and sexual preferences should not worry absolutely anyone except yourself. Someone does not like something or does not suit? These are not your problems, you have every right to do whatever you want with your personal life, and do not report to anyone.

6. Prestigious work

Again, the stereotype imposed from outside that a woman must necessarily be successful, self-sufficient and financially independent. Many of the fair sex shy of their work, if it does not fall within the framework of success or little paid. Drop these complexes, any work is a full-fledged experience and a possible start to a higher career level.

7. Imperfections of the skin

These include acne, freckles and various rashes. Women hide them behind seven layers of foundation so that no one in any way sees their true face. By the way, these things are absolutely not worth the embarrassment, because it is better to do proper nutrition and treatment than to hide what is caused by the internal processes in your body.