A life

The story of a single exchange of partners, or how the friendship between families can end

Lena and Roman have been married for 12 years. Their family has always been considered practically exemplary - two charming children, complete mutual understanding with each other, a full bowl house and sincere love. Spouses are constantly working on relationships, they were able to hear and listen to each other and forgave mistakes and mistakes.

For a long time, the guys became friends with their neighbors in the staircase. Their families were similar. Nastya and Valera have also been together for a long time, raised two daughters and loved each other madly. As it turned out, both couples have similar views on life, children, worldview and interests.

So it was that they began to be friends families. We communicated closely, quickly entered into trust, helped out, helped, left children, if it was necessary urgently on business, went shopping, went to general outings and were more and more happy about how close they were in spirit.

Lena without a twinge of conscience could talk all evening with Nastya's husband Valera about fishing, because they both were interested in her, and Roma drove Nastya to work and home, because their offices were two hundred meters from each other. Nobody was jealous of anyone, did not arrange fights, and with a clear conscience believed the partner. After all, they are just friends, besides family and with children.

It was decided to celebrate the New Year together. Children shared desires of gifts with each other, Lena and Nastya coordinated a festive menu, and men attacked grocery stores. The table was set for Lena and Roman - they were both more spacious and more comfortable.

At a quarter to twelve, the smart pair decided to spend the old year. Everyone got up, holding champagne glasses in their hands, and Nastya and Roma exchanged a conspiratorial glance at something. Noticing this, Valera said with a smile and said: “Well, friends, share a secret, what have you got there?”. Nastya went to Roma and took his hand. Lena frowned slightly and somehow grinned wryly.

Roma exhaled and began: “Dear Lena and Valera. This year was very significant for all of us. We have found each other, have found our friendship. But Nastya and I want to tell you something very important, and we are sure that you will understand us. ” Then Nastya hastily continued: “The fact is that Roma and I realized that we were made for each other. The whole time that we communicated and spent together, we became more and more convinced of this. We love each other and want to be together. Dear Lena and Valera, do not think that because of this, our friendship will crack, not at all! We will also continue to closely communicate, help each other and help out. So let's drink to love and new life! ”.

Lena, opening her mouth, plopped down on a chair next to her, and Valera just silently swallowed the air, like a beached fish. On the TV began to beat the chimes, New year came, full of changes and surprises a year.