5 make-up secrets every woman should know by age 40

The fact remains: with time, the condition of the skin changes, and it requires its special care in different periods of life. As for the fourth decade, at this time there are five fundamental stages of self-care, which will allow you to maintain a healthy glow of the skin and its youth.

Care for your eyebrows.

You, most likely, have already begun to tint eyebrows, but this stage in applying make-up becomes of particular importance as the skin gets older. Over the years, the hairs in the eyebrows become more rare and therefore more visible, so all the spaces between the hairs must be filled with special means. This will help you your favorite cosmetic pencil, fudge or gel.

First of all, take care of moisturizing the skin.

By this time, the first wrinkles begin to appear on the face, and its structure becomes less elastic. That is why it is necessary before applying makeup to put on the face moisturizer with a strong effect. It will help prevent the filling of skin folds with makeup products throughout the day.

Open your eyes with eye shadows

The fact of growing up does not mean that you need to give up your favorite eye shadow. The only thing you may have to do is change the color palette. Shadows of dark colors visually reduce the eyes. In order for the eyes to look young, give preference to shades in neutral colors that help to reveal their natural beauty.

Discard matte lipstick

Here the same principle applies as with the skin. Wrinkles appear on lips and skin loses its elasticity, therefore matte lipstick will not look as good as it looked before. Satin lipstick, creamy, gel and all other transparent formulas will still look luxurious on your lips.

Tighten cilia

Eyelash forceps will become increasingly important to you as they help make the look more open. Twisted and raised eyelashes make the eyes more expressive and attractive.