3 machinations with a kiss, after which a man falls in love with you

Kiss - this is truly an art that requires skill, training and special knowledge. We present to you 3 special points that need special attention when kissing, and then love from the man is guaranteed to you.

1. Biting

During the kiss, try to slightly bite his lower lip, while gently pulling it off. The most important thing - do not overdo it and do not squeeze the lips too much. Make his lip slip between your teeth. Such manipulation insanely turns on and brings something “brutal and an animal” to our caresses. That is the most unusual, wildness and primitiveness that so turns men on.

2. Language

Yes, this is the technique of the most disturbing of many French kiss. The focus should of course be on the language. Carefully begin to penetrate the partner's mouth. For greater effect, you can slightly lick the area behind the ear and then gradually move to the mouth. With confident but gentle movements kiss the man, starting to gently move and rotate the tongue around the partner's language. You see, your protege will be pleasantly surprised by such an unexpected bonus and will soon start helping you in this matter. French kiss involves the maximum degree of intimacy and liberation and madly gets.

3. No hands

Another hot thing in a kiss is to try to eliminate the caress with your hands and warm each other only with your mouth. We are all used to the fact that when kissing, hugs, touches and strokes are a must-have attribute. But if, for example, to put your hands behind your back or lift them up, then the sensations will be much sharper and more sensitive.